Christmas Website DecorationsHave you noticed that a number of websites have put up Christmas decorations? Some have changed the entire layout and design probably their theme or template. Others have added some subtle simple images. It varies from one site to another. Of course there are plenty of websites that haven’t added any.

Decorations are nice and can really spruce up a site. Nothing wrong with getting into the Christmas holiday spirit right? Wrong…Well maybe!

Which reminds me of the song: “You may be right“…I may be crazy! Can you believe that song is from a 1980s album released nearly 33 years ago!

Anyway let’s get back on track.

I have noticed some of the Christmas decorations people have added to their websites can really slow the page load time down. Usually simple standard images are not a problem. The ones that seem to be the biggest culprits tend to be javascript based. Some of them actually slow my Firefox web browser considerable due to increased memory/ram usage.

A few of them that I have seen don’t seem to be compatible with all browsers because they will also make my mouse and page scroller do some really strange things. On one site I couldn’t even click a link. Another I couldn’t scroll down the page. So there was definitely some kind of conflict going on.

Night ChristmasSo what appears to be a great idea may not be so nice after all. Of course this really depends on what you happen to be using or adding. If you add Christmas decorations to your site that are javascript based you really should check a few of your pages. Also, consider checking them with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox if possible as they are the most commonly used web browsers at the moment.

Be sure to spend more than 5 seconds looking and checking your website. Wait for the page to load completely. Move your mouse around various parts of the page. Click a link to see what happens. Hover your mouse over the header navigation links, etc. and make sure everything appears to be working as it should.

Think about your visitors and imagine what they would actually be doing on a given page. If they can’t view and navigate your pages they certainly aren’t going to stick around very long. Don’t expect everyone to notify or let you know about it either. You took the time to add the decorations you should take the time to make sure it is working properly.

I know Christmas is nearing and I should have posted this a little sooner. These same tips and suggestions I have pointed out here in this article can be used for other times of the year. Any time that you add decorations or make changes to your website layout and design take a few minutes to double check everything.

Generally regular .jpg/.jpeg, .png, and .gif images do not cause problems. However, make sure they are resized and scaled to an optimal size before adding them when applicable. This can help the page load faster. There is no need to load a 2000px by 2000px full size image and display it at 200px by 200px on a page.

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