Twitter LogoFrom the day we are born we have our firsts in life. I remember my first word, step, and my first book like it was yesterday. OK, maybe not, but I still learn something new all the time.

Sometimes they are memorable and change our life. Other times they could be something we don’t remember or an event we would rather forget about. Whether we like to admit it or not.

Recently I came across this simple little Twitter check, which allows you to find anyone’s first Tweet. All you do is enter the @ username and it will show you their first Tweet along with the time and date it was posted.

If you have ever wondered when you or someone in particular started Tweeting, or what they had to say this is for you.

You can try it yourself here:

I am not as interested in when someone started, but what they actually posted. I checked a few folks that I follow just for the fun of it, and the following is what they had to say in their first Tweet. Some of them are entertaining.

Matt Cutts – AKA Head of Google web spam team.
fed the cats. they were hungry!
5:10 PM – 31 Mar 2007

Matt Cutts First Tweet

Huh? Someone actually favorited and retweeted this! Then again, maybe that was exciting news in 2007. I’m sure his cats were happy he shared this with the entire world though. Wait a minute. They are just cats. They don’t care they just want to eat!


Ileane Smith
3:04 AM 1 Mar 2009

Ileane Smith First Tweet

Wow! Watching the Obama Stevie Tribute at 3:04 AM. Yikes! I am not even sure what this is, but that’s probably the last thing I would be doing at that hour.


Tim Bonner
12:28AM 20 Mar 2010

Tim Bonner First Tweet

Looks like Tim had food on the mind and was pretty eager for some out and about time!


Sherryl Perry
12:54 PM 11 April 2010

Sherryl Perry First Tweet

It would seem that Sherryl’s website/blog didn’t exist yet.


Adrienne Smith
3:34PM 14 Aug 2008

Adrienne Smith First Tweet

Apparently Adrienne was having fun rocking videos for My Space at the time! Come on you do remember My Space right? The site that everyone said would always be at the top of the popularity and traffic list.


Joel Brophy
12:01 AM 14 Feb 2009

Joel Brophy First Tweet

Joel is an old friend of mine. He always has something goofy to say, and his first Twitter post clearly shows that. I don’t think that he uses Twitter anymore, but on Facebook he always has something strange or out of the ordinary to say that makes me laugh.

Let’s not forget about little ol’ me! What did I have to say?

1:14 AM 9 Oct 2008

DialMe First Tweet

Apparently I was messing with OnlyWire at the time. How exciting (NOT) hey! I can’t believe that was almost 5 1/2 years ago. It sure doesn’t seem like I have been using Twitter that long.

Whether you want to check your own first Tweet or someone else’s this is a nice tool to do so. I know it’s not something that you can’t live without, but it’s kind of interesting. Like I said, I find it more entertaining than anything.

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