Evolving TechnologyI know a lot of people can’t get enough of new technology when it comes to all the gadgets, gizmos, and devices we have now. Each time there is a new smart phone, tablet, or what have you available people wait in line for hours before a store selling it even opens. Heck, I like certain new ideas, but I am not going to wait for hours in a line just to be one of the firsts to get it.

Are there new technologies being developed or that already exist that contribute to eliminating jobs? I am not an expert on this, I am just wondering what you think.

I read a lot of technology based news articles, and I also visit sites like Wired.com and Techcrunch.com on a fairly regular basis. It seems like they are constantly talking about new technology that will make life easier. To me many of these ideas and things appear to be ideas that could or probably will eliminate many jobs in the near future, which is kind of a bummer considering the worlds population is getting larger not smaller.

I know that’s just the way it is in this technological world we live in now, but it sure would be nice if more of this fancy new stuff would actually create more jobs instead of the other way around.

I can’t possibly imagine what they will come up with next, and what we will see in the next 10 years or more down the road. It’s difficult and maybe impossible to predict, but there will always be something new and/or better. Years ago if someone would have asked me if I had any predictions about what we would have today I know I wouldn’t have thought about many of the things we have now. It would have probably been fun if I had written some down though.

Future Technology

I remember watching sci-fi movies when I was a young teenager and thinking wow that is really neat, but I doubt that we will ever have anything like that in my lifetime. Granted some of it was pretty far-fetched and out there, but some of the technology related things in those old movies do exist now. I suspect that others are not too far away from becoming reality for that matter either. I am still waiting for flying cars, and for Scotty to beam me up though.

Two of my grandparents are still alive, and I know they don’t understand all the technology stuff. I sometimes wonder what my great grandparents would think about it if they could somehow come back for a day. Kind of like if we were to go to sleep one night, and when we woke up it would be the year 2055+ for a day.

We can only speculate and guess what the future has in store for us. I am sure that there will be a few surprises.

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