MoneyI never really got into the get rich quick programs and things. I occasionally come across one, but none of them has ever attracted my attention for longer than a few seconds.

Do people really fall for those things and expect to make the kind of money they boast? I can’t imagine making thousands of dollars per month and only working part-time, or a few hours per week. That’s what they want you to believe anyway. If it were that easy everyone would be making a lot of money.

The One Page Website

I recently landed on a website that claimed that they were making $8000 per month. Actually it was more like $8734.69 per month. Where do they get these numbers by the way? Of course you had to enter your email address so they could fill your email box with who knows what.

The suspicious thing about this is that it was a whopping one page site on Google Blogger/Blogspot, which is free. The web address looks like: It had the big “B” (for Blogger/Blogspot) favicon next to the address bar, and the search other blogs in the top left side of the page. It was also using one of the older default very plain, simple, and boring template/themes.

So, I am sitting here looking at this big one page website thinking let me get this strait. You are making $8000+ per month (over $100,000 per year), and you can’t afford $12-$20 per year for your own domain name? Nor can you afford $60-$100 per year for paid hosting? And, you are too lazy to find a decent free or reasonable priced template?

It seems to me if someone were making that kind of money they could easily afford these things, or they could afford to hire someone to come up with a better design at the very least.

Multiple Domains

Another one I came across was a forum discussion about making money with multiple domains/websites. A person said that after they paid for their domain name and hosting they made a whole $5 for the year. Yes, $5 profit for the entire year!

Someones solution was to create more websites. They said if you create 10 websites, then you would make $50 per year. 100 would be $500. 1000 would be $5000 and so forth.

So, I thought about this one for about 2 seconds telling myself you have got to be kidding me. You know how long it would take to create 100-1000+ websites? Way too long!

I can barely keep up and maintain a couple. I doubt the average person could handle that many.


$100 Per Day

The last one I wanted to mention was about how to make $100 per day. This one said to create an eBook, PDF, etc. about how to make $100 per day. You charge $10 for it and all you need is ten sales per day.

Basically this was a book about nothing. Imagine paying for that one hoping to get at least something useful out of it. Seems to me you would end up with some pretty unhappy customers with something like this one.

These are just 3 of the many that come to mind. There are plenty of others like them out there. Who would waste their time on these things is beyond me.

It is definitely possible to make money online, but I am very skeptical about a lot of the things I see. Especially ones that toss out big numbers.

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