Million Dollar IdeaEvery night before I go to sleep I tell myself that I am going to dream up the next million dollar idea for a website tonight. Do you know what happens when I wake up? That’s right nothing…It’s just not there. I prefer to think of it as I am working on it, and it just hasn’t come to me yet! In all honesty I don’t know if I will ever come up with one, but it never hurts to think big and dream a little right.

Sometimes I wonder what else could someone possibly do or come up with that hasn’t been done already. Will there be hugely popular site that everyone flocks to and joins. If so what on earth could it be or involve. If I knew that I would be on my way to riches.

It almost seems like we don’t see that many unique original ideas anymore. There have been a few nice ideas and new sites, but none that really wow’d me or lead me to believe I couldn’t live without them.

When we do see something new that gets a little internet attention and popularity I swear 100+ clones, replicas, copies, or whatever you want to call them that pop up. I know I would be a little ticked off if I had one of those million dollar ideas and up sprang a bunch of similar sites.

WebsitesWhat about the big dogs like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.? Will they exist 10, 20, or more years down the road? Or, will someone come up with something new and/or better that will replace sites like these? I guess it might depend on the current trends and popularity. Some people say they aren’t going anywhere and they will be around forever. Nobody can predict what the future holds not even for sites like these. Could they collapse or have some kind of fallout? Not very likely, but who really knows for sure.

Can anything ever remotely compete with sites like these? I think you would need to have a darn good plan, idea, and a decent chunk of change to get started. If you don’t you are most likely going to get stomped, and squished like a bug. They say nothing is impossible, but it seems like the odds wouldn’t be in your favor.

Competition is much greater than what it was when I first started dabbling into the online world of web development and hosting. Things were so much simpler and easy-going back then. It is amazing what people will do to one up a competitor now. It’s like the gloves come off and nothing is off limits. Well not always, but some of the stories I read paint a pretty dark picture.

One of these days I am going to wake up with a million dollar website idea. It may not be today or tomorrow, but one of these days it will come to me. Then again, I would probably settle for a 1/2 million dollar idea, or even a 100 thousand dollar idea for that matter!

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