InternetOver the past couple of weeks I have experienced a little unusual internet activity. We tend to assume that we can use our internet connection at any given time. The same goes for accessing and updating our web site, but sometimes that’s not always the case.

Most internet providers do change your ip address at some point. Mine used to change about every 3-4 months, but lately it has been more like every 4-6 weeks give or take.

Not that it matters too much to me if it changes, but this is part of the reason I don’t bother with blocking a bunch of ip addresses. I read about people talking about blocking all kinds of ip addresses, but in most cases it tends to be a total waste of time.

Any way my ip address was blocked by my hosting company for browsing to fast or failed log in attempts. So I get them to unblock or release it. Everything is fine and going great. Then, my internet modem decides to mess up. I thought there was some kind of outage or something. After waiting about 12 hours I finally called tech support. I hate doing that because usually I end up waiting on hold for 45+ minutes.

After a big long hassle with my internet company, I finally got it going again, but not before they tried to sell me a new modem.

Great everything is back to normal again, but after resetting my modem to the factory default I get assigned a new ip address again. No big deal I thought. Then, all of a sudden I am blocked from accessing my web site again.

Granted I was browsing around in my hosting control panel fairly fast, but who doesn’t? I know where I need to go, and what I need to do. Yes, I am in a hurry to get what I need done. There is no sense waiting on a page for a couple of minutes before moving on to the next.

So I have to send a support ticket to my hosting company and play the waiting game again. They used to be very prompt. I could get a response in 10-20 minutes. The past year or two the response time has been more like 8-16 hours, which is kind of a bummer when you would like to get something resolved. What do you do though, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I think they have the server set a little too sensitive because this happens to me several times per year. I find it hard to believe that their other hosting customers don’t browse their account and web site pages as fast or faster than I do.

At least it gives me a chance to get caught up on a few other things I have been putting off.

So there you have it. The internet isn’t always available or perfect. Things happen or break. Your web site isn’t always available either. In my case it is available to everyone except me…how often does that happen!

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