Technology At It's FinestI am usually fairly fond of learning new things in the technology department. Even more so if something new comes along that can save me a little time.

Then, there are times like this past week that I get frustrated and irritated with technology. Namely upgrades. I swear every time I turn my darn computer on there is some kind of software update that needs to be applied. Some are automatic and they happen in the background. Others are more along the lines of manual, or they ask me if I want to update now. I get tired of these things happening so frequently, which makes me wonder if my computer will be updating more often than not a few years down the road from now.

Recently I got a few of the usual Microsoft updates, patches, or whatever they like to call them now. One of them was an update for Internet Explorer 9 to 10. I am not a big fan of Internet Explorer. I only use it on an occasional basis to make sure a project I am working on looks decent enough with it. That’s about the extent of my needs for it. If it didn’t come pre-installed on Windows PC’s I wouldn’t even use it at all. I only do so because I know a lot of other people do.

Anyway I specifically told the Microsoft updater not to install Internet Explorer 10. I even checked it at least 3 or 4 times just to make sure. I was perfectly content with version 9.

So the next day I turn my computer on and what do I have? You guessed it Internet Explorer 10, after specifically say no I do not want the thing. It was apparently forced on my system even after telling it not to.

OK I thought, no big deal I guess I can live with it.

Technology Updates

Now the funny (or not so funny) thing is that after it installed this (without my permission mind you) it totally messed up several things on my computer. Some so much that I had to actually turn my computer power supply off to get it to shut down. Not good.

I use Firefox almost exclusively, and I often email myself a link to a web page so I can review it again later. I choose -> File -> Send Link, and all I have to do is fill in my email address and hit send.

Simple enough right? Well now the second I choose “Send Link” Internet Explorer 10 opens in the background. Not just one, but one after another. Hundreds of them will open, and I can’t close them fast enough. I have to kill it with the Windows Task Manager. If I don’t kill it within a few seconds there are too many of them open and my computer bogs down and freezes up.

The other thing that it broke was my Buffer App Firefox Addon. Don’t ask me why an Internet Explorer update messed with Firefox related features, but it did. This is really too bad because I liked using Buffer. I am not going to spend hours reading up on why this could happen and how to potentially fix it. Unless Buffer miraculously starts working again by itself I guess I am done with that one.

Instead of saving time this darn Microsoft update has created more work for me because now I am forced to manually do things.

It’s also possible that there are a few other things it broke. I just haven’t found them yet.

Remember: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In this case, if it ain’t broke don’t update it!

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