Number OneJust about every day I hear things like: I want to be first in Google, or I want to be number one in Google, and that kind of thing. You get the idea. I think we would all like to claim the top spot in Google for every keyword, key phrase, and combination we can think of.

I don’t know if people just don’t read up and research SEO or they just think that somehow Google will say: Wow this is a really great siteBAM! Number 1 spot.

Matter of fact if someone gave me a penny every time this was asked, I swear I would be rich, and I am not joking!

Some sites are barely a few months old, if that…like a baby that just entered the world. They really haven’t accomplished much, nor have they had time to do anything yet. They want to run, but they haven’t even learned how to crawl yet. For some reason they think that they should be ranked up there with the top dogs!

The stories I read vary slightly, but nearly all of them say: I want to be number 1 in Google. Perhaps they should forget about the “I want,” and instead ask: “How do I get the number one spot in Google?”

Punch that exact phrase in Google and you should have almost 90 million results to get you started.

Believe me I want a lot things too. Let’s see my own private island in the Carribean would be nice for starters, but that’s another story.

It is all about SEO, both on site SEO (things you do on your site) and off site SEO (things you do elsewhere).

Top Spot in Google

The good news is you can learn to do your own SEO, and last time I checked there was no such thing as a Bachelors Degree in SEO. It really depends on you. How much time you are willing to put into it, and if you can commit to it over the long haul. It’s not something you do once and your done. It requires a constant and continued effort for most sites, unless your site happens to be the hottest new site on the internet that everyone is talking about.

Some people hire an SEO expert or professional. If you decide to go that route I suggest you do plenty of research first. The work they do and the price they charge varies considerably from one company or individual to the next. For instance if someone says they can get you a few thousand backlinks for $10-$20 most likely they are going to be using some form of automated software that will result in a very poor outcome. On the other hand, some SEO’s charge big bucks and outsource the work for a fraction of what they are charging you and pocket the rest.

So the key is to find someone that does quality work, knows what they are doing, and one that won’t break the bank. Otherwise, you can learn SEO and do it yourself. There are endless topics and tips available on the subject.

What’s that…it sounds like too much work?

Well who said it was going to be fast and easy to rise to the top in Google!

Do you know anyone that rose to the top of the ladder overnight? I know I don’t know anybody.

Lots of time and hard work.
Sprinkle in some good old fashioned luck.
Shake and/or stir well.
Rinse and repeat.
Equals = Your Payday!

Well obviously there is a bit more to it. Just keep in mind you can do your own SEO if you are willing to learn. It takes time so be patient. Don’t assume or expect instant results. Keep reading and researching SEO tips, and never ever resort to spammy practices just to get a quick backlink.

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