WordpressOne of my favorite WordPress features is the ability to schedule posts for a later date and time. Now this may not seem like anything exciting, but for me it can be a huge time saver. Basically it allows me to add several new posts all in one setting and pick a time and day that I want them to actually go live. Sort of along the lines of adding new posts to a queue. Some other website software scripts out there have this feature, but many do not.

On top of scheduling several all in one setting it is also very convenient if you want a post to go live at a specific time of day. If you see an increase in traffic at a certain time of day maybe you want your post to happen during the usual spike.

If your web hosting company performs backups at a certain time of day that has a tendency to make your website slow while it is running maybe you want to schedule a post to happen at a better time of the day.

Are you going to be out of town, on vacation, at your normal day job and unavailable to make a post at an ideal time? No problem just schedule away.

I know most of you veteran WordPress folks are aware of this and likely use the scheduler often, but if you are new or unaware of the feature check it out. It is one great feature.

Some of the other website software scripts I use that don’t have this ability I find myself typing a post up and saving it to a document file on my local PC. Then, I need to remember to login and post it on a specific time and day I am after, which of course is not very efficient and consumes more precious time.

If you only have 1 WordPress site you may not need to use it much depending on how often you make new posts. If you have several websites that you manage it might become your best friend. It’s kind of funny how something as simple as a scheduler can be so useful.

Now if I could just schedule a few everyday life tasks as efficient as WordPress posts I would be one happy camper.

How to schedule a WordPress post for later

When you are adding a new post in WordPress on the right hand column you will see Publish. All you need to do is find the Publish immediately line and click on Edit.

Wordpress Edit Publish Immediately


Select the month, day, year, and time of day then click the OK button.

Wordpress Set Date Time Publish


And, finally click the Schedule button to finalize and confirm.

Wordpress Schedule Post

Note: that days 1-9 should be entered at 01-09 (zero before the actual day). Also, be aware the time of day is in 24 hour format, which means 12:01 am would be 00:01. 11:59 pm would be 23:59.

You can also go back to all posts, then edit your post and change the date and time if you made an error or want to change the date or time.

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