Google Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank Update August 4, 2011

For those of you that follow Google Pagerank there was another update today August 4th, 2011. This makes 3 updates in a relatively short period of time. It is not uncommon to see activity like this from Google, but we tend to hear about the lack of updates and frequency more often.

In the past 5 weeks give or take a few days there was a Google Pagerank Update June 27th, 2011. Another Google Pagerank Update July 18th, 2011, and now this one on August 4th, 2011.

It is fairly common for Google to perform an update and follow up with a tweak/adjustment or two shortly after. Whether this is it for a while now or not nobody knows for sure.

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Web Hosting Backup Time

Backups what is the ideal time

Backups are one of the important tasks that should be performed on a regular basis. If you use shared hosting this task is usually done by your host. Backup times and frequency will vary from one host to another. Some perform daily backups, others might do it every other day, or maybe just once per week. At the very least they should be done at least weekly by your host.

My host is currently doing daily backups. This sounds like a good idea, but the actual backup process is quite cpu and server resource intense. Whenever a backup runs it uses a lot of the servers cpu power, which can slow websites and page load times down substantially.

If there are a lot of files and accounts on the server the overall backup process can take hours to complete. It just depends on the number of other accounts and what kind of backup they might be doing.

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Is paying for a Tweet worth it

Is paying someone that has a lot of Twitter followers worth it to promote or mention your website?

For starters I don’t believe that traffic originating from Twitter is very good or of high quality. Many Twitter users simply follow someone in hopes that they will follow them back. Their list of followers grows and grows. However, I have doubts that many of them actually have an interest in whatever it is your website has to offer.

So you pay someone $5, $10, $20, or whatever to Tweet something about your website.

Let’s assume they have 20,000 followers. Boom! Out goes the Tweet!

Are all 20,000 followers going to be online…no.
Are all 20,000 going to eventually see it when they are online…doubtful.
Are some going to be online and see it…sure.
Are some going to click or check your link…probably.
Are they going to be interested in your website and spend much time there…iffy.

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Cloudflare 1 week review

After reading a number of Cloudflare reviews the past month or so, I finally decided to try it myself. At first I was a little uneasy about the dns changes required to make it work. But, it was very simple and fast. I don’t think I had any down time what so ever.

By default it is pre-configured at a medium security threshold. I have read a few post by people that have said the medium setting occasionally blocked or prevented some of their regular visitors, and they changed to the low security setting.
For this first week I left it set at the default medium setting. I am thinking about testing it for a week using the low setting in the near future.

My stats for the past week according to the Cloudflare Analytics dashboard:

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Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer Closing

Yahoo recently announced they will be closing the doors on Site Explorer one of their most popular services among webmasters and SEO fanatics. Yahoo Site Explorer has been around for nearly 6 years and many people have come to rely on the service to check inlinks/backlinks.

Yahoo has been slowly eliminating features and services, but this one was a little unexpected. Yahoo suggests using Microsoft/Bing Webmaster Tools after they shut down Site Explorer. Which likely has to do with the deal Microsoft and Yahoo have with search results powered by Bing.

Bing has been updating their webmaster tools which include a few new features. You can now find a similar feature that provides Inbound Link details in your Bing Webmaster account, which is a plus. But, since you have to login to see the report details I don’t know that you can check sites that you do not own or maintain.

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Google Pagerank Update

Google Pagerank Update July 18, 2011

It would appear that Google updated pagerank on Monday July 18th, 2011. This is likely a minor update or tweak to the Google Pagerank Update June 27th, 2011 we saw.

It is fairly common for Google to follow up with a few minor changes and I actually expected to see this happen. There were a lot of sites that Google updated on the 27th that seemed a little too good to be true. While there were a few others that dropped that I wouldn’t have expected. dropped from a pr10 to a pr9 after the update on the 27th. And, now after this one they are back up to a pr10. I am sure they didn’t like seeing Facebook beating them for a little while with their pr10 to Google’s pr9.

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Google Pagerank Update

Does Google favor WordPress websites

There is no question Wordpress is a popular choice when it comes to creating a website. Not only is it very easy to use, but there are tons of free templates/themes and plugins available. Since it is so popular you can find many help websites catered to Wordpress.

Does Google really show some kind of favoritism towards Wordpress based websites or any other specific scripts or software used to run a website?

I was kind of neutral on this one until I logged into Google webmaster tools not long ago to see a message that said:
“WordPress Update Available”.

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Annoying Software Upgrades

Annoying Frequent Software Upgrades

I used to think updates and upgrades were great. Whether it was a new feature or something that just made my life easier. I kind of looked forward to what some software developers would come up with next.

Maybe it’s just me, but times have changed in recent years. Updates and upgrades seem to be happening at a much faster rate than they used to.

This is usually a good thing. It is always nice to see an update that addresses a security issue with any software. But, if you ask me the frequency rate that many software companies and developers are releasing updates are becoming a bit annoying and time-consuming.

Every time I turn my computer on now instead of wondering if there will be some kind of software update today, it is more along the lines of I wonder how many will there be today.

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How to Install Wordpress Manually

Upgrading to WordPress 3.2

As many of you probably know and are aware of, Wordpress 3.2 was released on July 4, 2011.

I am not usually one to jump right into upgrading especially when there is a major release or version upgrade involved in anything. I decided to wait a few days to see what others were saying about the upgrade.

After reading a few posts from people that had upgraded, most of it seemed fairly positive with successful results.

So then I started thinking about the plugins I have installed and whether they would work after upgrading or not. I researched the more popular ones I use over at and most claimed they would work. A few of them said not enough data yet.

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