The CloudIt seems in recent years there has been steady growth and push towards storing a variety of things online. Whether it is important backups, or just simple things you might share with friends and family.

Not that long ago businesses were skeptical and didn’t think online storage would go over that well or amount to much. A few short years later and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see some kind of reference to online storage, the cloud, and that type of thing.

There are people who say it is a fast and convenient way to store and access their important files. Others say online backups have saved their tail on more than one occasion.

I couldn’t even count the number of businesses or services out there now that provide or offer some form of online storage, backup, cloud, etc. type of service. And, the number seems to be growing rapidly.

I find it to be interesting, but I am not totally convinced that it is a perfect and more importantly a safe way to store your important data and information. They all tell us our information and files are safe and secure, but are they really? I don’t know if anything is really totally safe and secure.

If you pay attention to the news there have been some pretty big sites and companies that have had their websites, services, and data compromised recently. Even sites that we would assume had super protection and security like Lockheed Martin, the CIA, and other Federal and State websites just to name a few. If sites like these can be busted into and compromised it seems like there are many other at risk sites or businesses out there.

I was just reading a news story about a guy that was talking about the CIA drone thing that Iran recently got a hold of. Whether he was legit or not I don’t know, but he talked about how easy it was to hack into a Gmail account. There was just something about the way he said it. Like it was easy and no big deal.

Sites like financial, military, and government related have always been popular targets. Whether online storage, backups and cloud based services would fall into this category or not it is difficult to say. If it is popular with a lot of users and accounts I don’t see why not.

I am one of those people that don’t like to store, upload, or share anymore than absolutely necessary in an online type of setting. I know people say who cares it’s a good service and it’s safe. Why is that? Because someone told you so? Because the business or site says so?

Storing or backing up files and data that are general in nature is one thing, but I am not confident that my personal information would be safe. I have about 0% faith in these types of online storage services. Unless things improve drastically I will continue to store my files and important data offline.

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