Making Money OnlineOK, actually there are quite a few people and sites that claim making money online is easy. In reality this just isn’t true. Sure a few people get lucky. Sometimes they have a great product or idea, but usually they are quickly copied.

The sites that do make decent money are usually the ones that have built up a huge following or user base. And, I doubt that it was easy-going from the start.

I know most people struggle to make a few dollars per month, and some don’t make anything. They wonder what they are doing wrong, or what they can do to make more. Now I can’t answer this for you. There are so many different circumstances and scenarios that could come into play. It really varies from one site to the next.

It also depends on how you intend to make money. Are you using affiliate programs? Pay per click like Google Adsense? Your own products or services? And, are they actually related to your niche?

If I visit a technology site it is because I am fairly interested in that kind of thing. I most likely wouldn’t be interested in an Ebook about how to train a dog. Not that nobody would, but generally visitors would be more interested in technology related products and services.

Ideally targeted traffic genuinely interested in what you have to offer would be great. However, it doesn’t do you much good if you have little or no traffic at all either. Some traffic is better than no traffic because you never know when someone will take an interest in your site, products, services, or what have you.

We all hear about sites with poor quality and copied content that don’t usually go over too well, or last that long for that matter either. Most of the sites I visit I really have no idea if it’s copied content or not. Very rarely do I come across one that I know I have read before somewhere else. Sometimes I see similarities from one article to the next. Whether it was intentionally copied or not I have no idea. Look at the news sites though. You can usually find the same or very similar article on several of them.

I know that English is not everyone’s first language, but if I can’t understand an article or what it’s getting at, then I usually move along pretty quick. We all make spelling and grammar mistakes. I don’t have a problem with a few of these here and there. If the article leaves me wondering what the heck I just read, then I most likely will never return to the site.

If most of the articles a website happens to publish are primarily advertisements I don’t stick around that long either. There is nothing wrong with a few advertisements, but they do get annoying all the time. I can usually find what I am searching for elsewhere too.

Making money online isn’t easy to master. If it were as simple as slapping something together and plastering advertisements all over we would all be rich!

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