Dial MeAnd…so my WordPress quest begins. I have pondered and even procrastinated creating a wordpress blog on more occasions than I can count now. Bottom line I guess is that I finally gave in and went for it.

I obviously will have a number of things to tweak and work out in the coming days and weeks, but at least it is a move in the direction I would like to go.

If you are looking for webmaster resources, tips, seo, marketing, and making money then in the near future you may want to follow this blog and add your input.

It is a dofollow blog with keywordluv and commentluv enabled so it is to your benefit. My homepage is pr3 and this blog was just recently linked to it so hopefully it will see at least a pr2-3 depending on where Google is with their update. Once the link juice starts moving it should do well.

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