Linux MintMy goodness, don’t you dare say anything bad or remotely negative about a particular operating system or you will likely get blasted. It doesn’t matter which you are talking about. You will always have the fans that think it is the greatest on one side, and those that despise it on the other. It’s a no win situation really. Like Bart Simpson used to say … “Your damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

I don’t really have a favorite, or one that I think is the absolute greatest thing ever made. I am definitely open to trying other operating systems.

Currently I use Windows 7 the most. I don’t really have an interest in 8/8.1, or the new Windows 10 for that matter at the moment.

I have tried a few Linux desktop versions over the years. I use them for a while, but usually end up sticking with Windows. Not because I hate Linux or anything. Windows is just much more user-friendly in my opinion. I am not saying Windows is perfect because it’s not. There are plenty of things that irk me about it.

The past couple of weeks I have been looking into Linux desktop versions a little more than usual. Mostly because I am not sure if I want to continue using Windows after reading about the new version 10. It’s still fairly early, but man there are tons of complaints about it out there.

Originally I thought I might take advantage of the free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users, but after reading all the negative comments and reviews I have decided to put it off.

I am not that excited about using Linux as my primary system, but at the same time Windows 10 just doesn’t thrill me either.

If nothing else Windows 7 support and updates will be available until January 2020 so I think that I might end up sticking with it until then. I am not counting on it, but maybe at that time Microsoft will have a better operating system available.

In the meantime I have a couple of old computers lying around collecting dust that I have been testing various Linux desktop environments on. Who would have thought that there are so many different flavors out there now. I definitely don’t have time to try a lot of them. Just downloading and installing one can be time-consuming alone. Not to mention spending quality time with it afterward.

Linux Mint

List of Linux distributions:

I basically look at the more popular ones that are actively developed and updated, and lighter versions that are not so CPU and memory hungry since I am testing on an older system that isn’t that powerful anymore. It’s funny how something like a computer was good in it’s day, and 5-10+ years later it’s an antique. My old computers would definitely be considered ancient. They are all single core 32 bit CPU’s. They have/had Windows XP on them. 512 MBs to 1 GB of Ram. 120 GB hard drives or less, and 64 MB or 128 MB video cards. Even an old laptop with very slow integrated video.

With those old specs I really need something light weight. Finding one that both works well and that is fairly decent is another story. There are definitely Linux desktops that need more power than what these old dinosaurs have in them.

I have been spending a lot of time with Linux Mint Xfce edition. It is fairly light weight and so far does what I need it to do. Whether it will eventually replace my Windows computer or not will be a difficult decision to make, and only time will tell. It does look promising though.

It’s just difficult to give up Windows completely after so many years, but unless Microsoft puts out something better without all the privacy issues that could be what I end up doing.

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