laptopI have an old Compaq laptop that has Windows XP on it. It’s so old that it only has USB 1.0/1.1 ports, which means excessively slow USB ports. You can’t do anything with them other than maybe plug a mouse into them.

The screen is falling apart and has a short in it. I have to leave it open otherwise the screen turns black and goes off.

The CD/DVD player I really got some use out of. I would say that I have watched 500 to 1000 movies with it, and that is not an exaggeration.

I keep saying next time I start it up it won’t boot up, but every time it does. They definitely don’t make them like this guy anymore.

It is amazing how little CPU power and RAM the thing takes to run a program. Some program’s only use 10 to 50 Megabytes to run. You won’t find that on Windows 10 very often. In most situations on Windows 10 you would be talking hundreds of Megabytes for the same, but newer program.

There are a few things that use a bit of CPU power, but that’s because this is an old single core CPU, so it doesn’t take much to get the CPU fan to wind up a bit.

Actually I am typing this blog post with the old Compaq laptop along with Sublime text editor. As long as I am just typing in Sublime the CPU doesn’t even run. The minute I start scrolling the page the CPU really winds up, which is crazy for a simple text editor, but this is really a rare exception. I think Sublime saves your progress every couple of seconds is part of the reason.


It has been a solid performer considering it is 15 to 18+ years old now. It’s not a speed demon, and I really can’t use it productively for the internet. It is a good office productivity type of computer. I can write blog posts, computer code, and watch DVD movies and barely use any CPU or RAM. Anything else is another story though, and it really depends on what that other stuff happens to be or doing.

It feels pretty heavy-duty compared to newer laptops too. It feels like if I dropped it on the floor that it would probably survive. Newer laptops that I have played around with feel like they would definitely break something if I dropped one, and with very little force.

I wish I could find a heavy-duty one like my Compaq with more modern up-to-date CPU, RAM, and Software. They make the darn things so cheap now a days I think I would have a tough time finding something like this one for a decent price. I am definitely now looking to spend $1000+ dollars on a laptop. Maybe $300 to $500 or so would be more like it.

But, I do need a desktop computer first. My desktop computer is getting pretty old too. Not quite as old as my laptop, but it is nearing the 10 year mark. It does have Windows 10 on it, but there are definitely thinks that bring it to a crawl. Some times I can’t do two things at the same time if they are both CPU and RAM hungry, but other simple processes it can easily do more than two processes.

I am surprised that either has survived as long as they have, but I am kind of frugal and usually wait until something is totally unusable before buying something new. Not only in the computer category, but just about everything in life and around me. I just figure why buy something new when it works perfectly well. Maybe a little slow, but it gets the job done. I guess if I had money to burn it would probably be a different story entirely, but since I don’t I definitely get my use out of something as much as possible.

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