Comment CountWe all know some of the more popular sites can draw hundreds of comments. Sites like CNN, MSN, and Yahoo news might even get a couple of thousand comments on a hot topic. But, I think most sites would be happy with something in the 10 to 50 range.

The other day I was reading up on backlinks from .edu and .gov sites. It almost seems like there are some people that regard them as the holy grail of backlinks. Others would disagree, and claim that there is no major benefit to getting these types of backlinks over any other high quality or authority site. I guess the thinking is .edu and .gov sites tend to have pretty decent pagerank so they value a backlink from them more. I have read that they tend to have more pagerank because a lot of important or other authority sites link to them. I do know that generally these types of sites, especially if they are blogs tend to be nofollow links.

So I decided to do some checking up on .edu and .gov sites that people were talking about. The ones I checked I wouldn’t even bother with. They were a total waste of time and I’ll tell you why.

The very first thing I noticed was they all had a massive comment count. I am talking in the thousands, which most likely means they are auto-approve and not moderated. In fact, some of them had so many comments I am surprised that the site even loads, and that the database hasn’t crashed yet.

The second thing is most of the comments were straight up spam. We have all seen spam comments before, but just about all the comments were more than obvious. Part of this is because of lack of moderation.

The third thing is they aren’t even actively updated anymore. All the ones I checked the most recent post was several years old or more.

Now even if they are .edu and .gov sites when you see things like these, they are not worth your time, nor are they going to help you. If you want to waste your time on them, or if you are paying someone to get backlinks for you and this is what they provide, you are wasting your money. They really aren’t going to help you claim the top spot in Google.

Here are some screen shots from a few .edu blogs:



















I have seen a few hundred comments before, but never in upwards of 20,658. They are also growing by they day. I should check back in 6 months to 1 year and check the comment count again for the heck of it.

Now you tell me…Is it worth commenting on things like these?

I should add that not all .edu and .gov blogs are like this. It would seem as though people post links to these kinds of sites because they know they are a quick, easy, and auto-approved sites that are not monitored. Then, next thing you know the spammers/bots get hold of them and ruin them. It is partially the sites fault too for not turning off or closing comments, or just deleting the blog to some extent.

Personally I would think twice before commenting on these kinds of sites, even if it is quick and easy. I really don’t see the value in them, and you would basically be contributing to the spam problem. That is just my opinion though.

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