backlinksLet’s face it everyone wants websites to link to them. Especially the big guys and gals right? Nobody says please don’t link to me Google, and that kind of thing. Maybe smaller iffy sites with questionable content, but not legit ones.

What ticks me off though, is when I link to something and a few months to maybe a year down the road the page or site I was linking to no longer exists. For whatever reason the post is totally gone. Even bigger sites remove posts or change the location.

I linked to a Godaddy article some time ago, and just happened to accidentally click on it only to find out it’s dead and gone. Who would have guessed Godaddy would remove one of their helpful posts. I could see if it was no longer relevant, but as far as I am aware it’s still relevant today. Go figure. Even the big websites remove content for reasons unknown.

I could see if it was a small starter site. These come and go so often that I usually won’t link to them anymore. I am tired of going through my articles, blog posts, tutorials, etc., and cleaning up dead links on a regular basis. It’s just impossible to keep up with anymore.

I wish there was an easier process of finding dead links on my website and letting me know my page they are on, and what I was linking to. Unfortunately there isn’t a reasonable or easy way of doing this. Especially when I have so many posts. I would be there for weeks, maybe even months if I manually went through each page and post.

By the time I got done with them all I would have to start all over again, and I would never get anything done.

I know there are some link/broken link checkers out there. I just never got them to work that well. They only do a limited amount, or they would freeze up part way through the process, and I would have to try again. Usually I just give up because it’s a huge waste of my time


So what do you do? Just live with some broken/dead links I guess. And, fix them if you happen to stumble upon one while browsing your website and posts. I know a lot of people set their links to nofollow anyway so little to no harm is done anyway. It’s just annoying as heck, and it makes you look like you can’t even maintain your own site, which is partially true. But, it’s now your fault completely you know what I mean?

I know I shouldn’t even worry about it. Look at some of the larger websites and they undoubtedly have tons of broken and non-existent links on their website.

Like I said it just annoys the heck out of me knowing that I probably have more dead links on my website then I can find randomly.

Part of the reason I have so many dead links is that my website has been around for a long time, and the average website’s lifespan is less than a year. If I link to a smaller site chances are it is long gone by now. I like to help the little site out by linking to them if I think it’s of decent value, but the more I think about it the more I may stop doing so.

It’s kind of a bummer only linking to big websites because they don’t need any more traffic or backlinks than they already have. But, at least there is a better chance that the page I link to will still exist a year or more down the road.

Anyway I am just blowing off some steam and venting a little. Nothing crazy, just a little rant for the week!

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