Page load speedIt amazes me sometimes how often people add huge images to their website or even in a single page or post. Ok well may nothing surprises me when it comes to the internet.

Why on earth would you add a 350 KB to 800 KB sized image to a page, not to mention several of them. I could understand if it were a small image that when you clicked on it took you to the big full size version and that was the only thing on the page. I don’t quite get the thinking behind adding such large images otherwise. Even more so when they are scaled down to fit a page, but they are not re-sized.

I guess if you visit your website often you probably don’t notice because your web browser has the page cached and it seems to load fast for you. Either that or you have a 100 Mbps Interent connection, and assume everyone else in the world does too.

Is it difficult to re-size a large picture before adding it? If you intend to run and maintain a website you really should think about taking a moment to check your site and pages for something simple like this. While your at it you might run a few page load and speed tests on your site. You never know what you might find. Even if you have done some optimizing there is always a chance that your missed or forgot something.

There has been a lot of talk about how Google is starting to use page loading speed as part of search result rankings. That might be true, but it likely only affects a very small amount of sites and search results. I wouldn’t worry about it too much for Google rankings. What I would worry about is making my site and pages load faster so people don’t disappear as fast as they got there.

Apparently many theme/template designers and makers don’t think about optimization and page speed when they are making these things. I know some of them look very nice and do some cool things, but I don’t think some people realize how poorly they can perform when it comes to loading.

What looks like a great theme or template might not be so great and/or require a bit of tweaking and optimizing. Depending on the actual theme or template it might be fairly simple to tune up a bit, and it might be time-consuming. Sometimes you can only do so much with them, and they still end up being fairly large and slow loading.

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I have even noticed a number of them are missing images. You usually can’t tell just by looking at it, but running certain page load tests will highlight missing images in red. Missing images can make a theme or template appear to load slow because your web browser will hang while it tries to find them. After while it eventually gives up. Depending on how many of them are missing it might just be a slight delay, or if there are several missing it could amount to a few seconds. Fixing missing images or broken links can improve page load speed if there happens to be a lot of them.

Even if you have done a lot of optimization work it never hurts to take a quick peek every now and then just to make sure things are still running fast and smooth.

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