jQuery ScriptsAwhile back I was testing some really nice jQuery scipts that I must have played around with for hours. I knew I had the integration right. I checked, re-checked, and checked again. They just wouldn’t work. I thought I might have missed a single or double quote, or even a closing tag because that is pretty easy to do.

Turns out it was because WordPress has jQuery configured in noConflict mode. I sure wish that I would have thought of that earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time.

So, for my WordPress friends that might be trying to include a jQuery plugin (not a WordPress plugin, but an actual jQuery.something.js file) without any luck …

If you can’t get it to work there is a good possibility it’s because the jQuery library included with WordPress is set to noConflict() mode to prevent compatibility problems with other JavaScript libraries.

What this means is the $ global shortcut for jQuery doesn’t work.

Example (wont work):

To make it work with WordPress you can do any of the following:

Change $’s to jQuery:

Use A Wrapper (executed when DOM is fully constructed):

Use Another Wrapper (executed immediately without waiting for DOM ready event):

Reasign jQuery another shortcut (Add to top of script):
var $ = jQuery.noConflict();
var $ = jQuery;



For more information you can check this link over at WordPress.org:
jQuery noConflict Wrappers

Hopefully this will help a few others out there, and prevent a few headaches too!

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