Occasional EmailMany of us have probably joined a web site or signed up for an email list at some point in our lives. We assume we might see an occasional email once a week or maybe a couple in a given month. Then, BOOM! A very short day after joining or signing up suddenly we have 20 to 30+ email messages flooding our in box from the website. Not what I had in mind or was expecting, and the same probably goes for you too. The funny thing is some of them say: We will send you an occasional email. Who would have thought occasional meant 30+ per day! I was hoping for more like 30 in a full year.

I don’t know anyone that would take the time to read a couple of these things in one day not to mention 20 to 30+ of them day after day. Whoever runs these email marketing and advertising programs sure do know how to tick people off, and how to get people to unsubscribe just as fast as they signed up.

Successfully unsubscribing is another story. Many of these messages you need a magnifying glass or microscope just to find the unsubscribe link. They make the link so tiny and sometimes unnoticeable making it blend in with other text in the message.

Some of them make it impossible to unsubscribe. There is absolutely no unsubscribe link in the message.

Others make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Go to this page…Enter your email…Your name…and other details. Then, do this…then do that. If you are lucky enough to figure things out and reach that point you will probably be wondering if you really did unsubscribed.

You can try contacting some of these websites and asking them to take you off their list, but good luck with that one. Most of them never respond. If you are lucky enough to get a response oftentimes they give you some web address to jump through a bunch of hoops again.

Even if they do have an easy unsubscribe link or form sometimes they take weeks before you are fully removed, and they continue flooding your in box in the meantime.

You can mark the message as spam/junk, block or blacklist it and that type of thing, but sometimes they use multiple sender addresses. Block one and next thing you know they start coming from another address. Technology you got to love hate it sometimes.

You got mail

Of course not all sites send out such an annoying amount daily. There are plenty of good sites and lists that are respectable with the amount they send.

Every time I join or sign up for something I stop and think before I hit that send or join button anymore. I take a deep breath, cross my fingers, and hope I don’t get more than I care to deal with.

I am getting to the point that I don’t sign up for anything unless it is something I am very sure about, or something that I don’t think I can’t live without. (Well kind of live without.)

It doesn’t happen all the time, but I have joined and/or signed up for an email list one day and dumped unsubscribed the next. Talk about a big waste of time too.

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