CommentLuvIf you visit and comment on blogs you might have noticed that some refer to CommentLuv. What CommentLuv will do is search your rss feed for your most recent posts. If it finds your feed a list of your recent posts will be available for you to choose from. Some sites will allow you to choose one of your last 10 posts, while others only allow you to select your last post.

It tends to be geared towards WordPress blogs because it searches the known location of these feeds.

The beauty of it is you do not need to have a WordPress blog to use it for building internal backlinks. If your website has a rss/xml feed of some kind you can still use it when commenting.

So rather than just getting a backlink from the name field in a comment form you can also get one to an internal page.

Building backlinks to your internal pages can increase your link popularity and help increase your rank in Google search results.

I will show you how to use CommentLuv to build backlinks with a non-Wordpress website. This assumes that your website has a rss/xml feed of some kind.

In the following example I will use for reference. So just pretend that was your website that you were going to use when commenting.


How to get a backlink using CommentLuv with non-Wordpress websites


1. Fill out the comment form with your name, email address, website rss/xml feed link, and actual comment.

I would enter the following into a comment form.

Name: John Doe
Website: (This is your rss/xml feed. We will change it before we submit the comment.)

Then, click in the comment field area and CommentLuv will search the rss feed.

You can see in this case I have the option to choose one of the last 10 posts from the particular feed.

I will choose the first one just to make things fast and simple.

Type your comment (non-spam of course).

CommentLuv Feeds


2. Before submitting your comment change the website field (link) to the homepage

After I have typed my comment, I change the website field from (the rss/xml feed address) to just (the main website address).

It would then look something like this:
Name: John Doe

Do not click back in the comment field or you will lose the CommentLuv link and you will have to re-enter your rss/xml feed link into the website field.

Be sure to check any anti-spam confirmations, fill out captcha, etc.

Then, just click the Post Comment button.

CommentLuv Website Field


3. The results
What you will end up with is the name field will link to the main website and you will also get a CommentLuv link to the inner page, story, or article with the actual title of the post.

In this example:
John Doe will be linked to:

Pakistan floods: Misery, illness will be linked to:

Keep in mind that if you have never commented on the particular blog it is likely the site owner will need to approve your comment before you see it. Do not spam the name field with a keywords, and leave an actual comment that is on topic and adds value to the conversation. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and the blog owners time for nothing.


Another example from my own website.

DialMe links to:

Google Pagerank Update June 27, 2011 links to:

Google Pagerank Update June 27, 2011

CommentLuv on DialMe


You get one link to your main website page from the name field, and a second link to an internal page from CommentLuv.

The majority of blogs have the nofollow attribute on the name link, but you can still find a few blogs with a dofollow name field if you do some searching.

CommentLuv links can be nofollow or dofollow depending on what the blog owner enables.

Regardless of whether the name link or CommentLuv link are dofollow or nofollow it is an excellent way to build links to your internal web pages.

WordPress blog owners:
If you have a WordPress blog you can simply add the link to your main homepage in the name field and CommentLuv will automatically find your feeds. In most cases it is not necessary to enter the rss feed.

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