Wordpress Static Page With Blog LinkWordPress generally refers to pages as static even though they are stored dynamically in the database. Meaning they are really dynamic, but for some reason they use the term static when referring to pages that you might create in your WordPress dashboard administration.

I guess the thinking might be because you are less likely to change or update a page, or maybe because most people don’t create pages on a regular basis. Most of the regular basis content is in the form of a new blog post.

Anyway I was reading through a thread recently where someone was trying to use a static page for their homepage/main page, but couldn’t figure out how to still use and display blog posts with a WordPress site. In other words, they wanted yoursite.com to display a specific page or content that wouldn’t change very often, but they wanted their blog posts to be available at yoursite.com/blog. They also wanted to add the link (yoursite.com/blog) to the main navigation area so people could actually find their posts.

The thread I happened to be reading people were making it out to be more complex then what it really should be. For some reason they were saying to do this, and that, someone even suggested making PHP code changes…yikes!

Here is how I use a static homepage and /blog for posts in WordPress

1) I use the permalink setting %postname%, which results in links like yoursite.com/my-new-post/. If you use another permalink setting you will probably want to check the results to make sure it works for your settings. You can find them in the WordPress dashboard in Settings -> Permalinks.

Permalinks Postname


2) Head on over to create new page in the WordPress dashboard and create a page called Blog and publish it. You don’t need to actually type anything in the content area because it’s not displayed anyway. You might add something like “Do Not Delete” if you want. Go to Pages -> Add New.

Create Blog Page


3) Now head on over to Settings -> Reading and select the static page option for “Front page displays“. Chose the page you want for your Front page/Homepage, and in the second part choose “Blog” for the Posts page. Don’t forget to save the changes.

Front Page Displays Settings


4) Add the link to the top navigation menu. Go to Appearance -> Menus. Tick/check the box for Blog in the “Pages” section and click “Add to Menu”. Move it to your desired location in the menu, and save the changes.

Add To Menu

Blog in Menu


5) View or refresh your homepage in a new browser tab to verify the changes.

Your homepage/main page should now be your static/page, and you should see a link in the top navigation menu for Blog. When you visit the Blog link it should be yoursite.com/blog and contain all your blog posts.

Here in this example we are on the Frontpage/homepage, which is just a sample page for demonstration purposes. You can see “Blog” next to Home in the top navigation menu. When I visit the Blog link I will be on yoursite.com/blog with all my blog posts.

Blog Added to Menu


Simple enough if you ask me. I am not sure why there is so much confusion or why some people need to make it so complex. Maybe they are just over-thinking things.

I wouldn’t keep switching back and forth from a static page homepage to blog posts on the homepage and vice versa. Try to keep it one way or the other, but that is up to you.

At any rate I hope this helps a few people that want to use a static page for their frontpage/homepage, and /blog link for their blog posts with WordPress.

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