Nofollow DofollowSome sites clearly point out and state that they are dofollow. Other sites are not so clear, but if you do a little exploring you might find a page indicating that they are. If a site doesn’t say whether they are or not most likely it’s nofollow.

There are many cases where a site will abruptly switch from dofollow to nofollow without warning, and sometimes without informing their regular loyal visitors or members. Oftentimes they also neglect or forget to remove the statement that says they are dofollow. Not that this should discourage you from visiting the site or commenting, but it is nice to know for sure.

It is also a good idea to re-check a site for dofollow or nofollow links from time to time. If it doesn’t say for sure or if you are just curious there are a few tools available that can make determining this a snap.

I am a fan of Mozilla Firefox so most of the tools below are free Firefox addons that will highlight nofollow / dofollow links.

Seo Toolbar
With this great Firefox Toolbar addon you can simply visit a page and click on the Highlight Nofollow Links icon in the right hand side of the toolbar. It looks like : Highlight Nofollow

If there are links on the page with the nofollow attribute they will turn red. Links that are dofollow are not highlighted.

The seobook toolbar is an amazing tool that does so much more than just highlighting nofollow links. Be sure to spend some time exploring its powerful features. It would take me hours and more like days to write about everything it can do. It is a great toolbar for analyzing SEO. Check the link above to see what it can do.

To download the seobook toolbar you do need to register/join the site. It is free to download once you have joined. I have never received any spam or unwanted email from them, and it’s a highly respected site.

Seo Toolbar Highlight Nofollow: (Highlighted Red – Nofollow)

Seo Toolbar Nofollow


Seo Moz Toolbar
The Seo Moz Toolbar is another great free Firefox Toolbar addon. After downloading and installing this one, you can simply select highlight followed (green) or nofollowed (pink). It will also do internal (orange) and external (blue) links.

The Seo Moz Toolbar includes many additional features worth exploring that can help with SEO.

Seo Moz Toolbar Dofollow: (Highlighted Green – Dofollow)

Seo Mozbar Dofollow


Search Status
Search Status for Firefox is also a free addon. It will highlight nofollow links pink. Dofollow links are not highlight. So if they turn pink they are nofollow. If they don’t change color they are dofollow.

Search Status includes several additional features that can be helpful for any web site owner. It can even tell you how a page ranks with Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, mozRank, and Compete Rank all in the bottom of Firefox. A convenient quick way to see the more popular ranking systems all at once.

Search Status Nofollow: (Highlighted Dashed Pink – Nofollow)

Search Status Nofollow


Nodofollow is a very small light weight free Firefox addon. It highlights nofollow pink, and dofollow purple. A very quick and easy way to see both dofollow and nofollow.

This one has been around for quite a while, and I can’t say for sure if it is actively developed or updated. It works great for me, but I hear some people have difficulties using it with newer Firefox versions.

NoDofollow: (Highlighted Purple – Dofollow links)

Firefox Nodollow


View Source / View Page Source
The good old fashioned manual way. Visit a site or page and view the source code with your favorite web browser. Search the page code for nofollow. If you findĀ  rel=”nofollow” in the link code then you know that the particular link is nofollow.

This is obviously the most time-consuming method, but it’s an option.

View Page Source Code Nofollow: (rel=”nofollow” / rel=”external nofollow” / “nofollow”)

View Source Nofollow


There are so many Firefox addons out there it is nearly impossible to keep up with them all. It is certainly possible that there are other addons that will show or highlight nofollow / dofollow links.

Whether Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer have anything similar available I couldn’t tell you. I don’t use them as often as Firefox. I tend to do most of my work with Firefox and therefore I am more familiar with the addons available for it.

If you know of any other free Firefox addons that show or highlight nofollow / dofollow let me know. The same goes forĀ  Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

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