cPanel ForwarderOne of the nice features available in cPanel is Email Forwaders. This allows you to forward your email from your domain email ( to another provider such as Gmail for example.

If you are like many people you tend to login to an email service like Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo mail, or similar service several times in a given day.

You may find it a little time-consuming to login to your hosts cPanel and webmail just to see if you have any new messages that need your attention.

You could use an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, but maybe you don’t understand how to configure it to check your hosting email.

What you can do with the cPanel Email Forwarder is simply forward your domain email messages ( to your Gmail account. When someone sends an email to it will be automatically forwarded to your Gmail account, which you probably check much more frequently.

I know some people use a Gmail or other popular online mail as their main website email address (WordPress or other CMS), which is actually not the best idea.

You could simply create and use an email address for your domain (you@yourdomain) in cPanel, which looks a little more professional too, and then have it forwarded to your Gmail address.

This tutorial assumes that you already have created an email address for your domain in cPanel.


How to forward your domain name email to Gmail (or other provider)

Step 1:

Login to cPanel and find the Mail section and click on “Forwarders”.

cPanel Forwarders


Step 2:

Click on the “Add Forwarder” button.

Add Forwarder


Step 3:

Enter your domain address in the “Address to Forward:” box.

Under the Destination select “Forward to email address:”. Enter the email address you want to forward it to, and click the “Add Forwarder” button.

Your Forwarder

In this example the email address will be forwared to

Now any time someone sends an email to you at your domain email address it’s automatically forwarded to your Gmail address.


How To Test:

Once you have your forwarder setup simply send an email to yourself at and you should receive it in your Gmail account as well. If not make sure you entered everything accurately, and check your junk/spam folder.


Things to keep in mind:

When you click on the Email Forwarders icon/link in the main cPanel screen you will see that it clearly states:
Note: that the forwarded mail will still be delivered to the original address as well.

This means that if you setup a forward you will receive mail at both your domain email and the address you are forwarding to. You would eventually want to login to cPanel/Webmail and delete your messages. Otherwise, they will keep piling up.

When you forward messages to Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or another email provider they may end up in your junk/spam folder. You can mark it as non-spam, whitelist your domain mail in Gmail, and/or create an incoming message rule. Additionally, you could add DKIM and SPF records in cPanel, which will help increase the chances that your messages arrive in your inbox.

Overall it’s very easy to forward your domain email to another address with cPanel. It only takes a few moments and it’s pretty difficult to mess up.

If you change your mind you can go back and simply delete the forwarder.

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