Forgot WordPress PasswordDid you install WordPress and forget to write down your login username and password? This happens from time to time. For whatever reason you got busy, or set it aside for a few weeks. When you finally come back to it you realize that you forgot to write down your login details, and now you can’t get in.

Don’t freak out yet, and don’t delete and wipe out all the work you have put into it already. Simply reset the admin password.

You will need to have access to your hosting control panel, and you will also need to have access to phpMyAdmin. Overall the process is fairly quick and simple.

Tools used in this tutorial:

  • cPanel web hosting
  • phpMyAdmin

How to Reset a WordPress Admin Password Video Tutorial

How to Reset A WordPress Admin Password


How to Reset the WordPress Admin Password

Step 1
Login to your hosts cPanel. Locate and click on phpMyAdmin to open it up.

Step1 cPanel phpMyAdmin


Step 2
Once phpMyAdmin opens find and click on your database on the left side of the page. If you have more than one database, make sure you select the right one.

Step2 phpMyAdmin select database


Step 3
You should see a page like the following. Find the “Table” column and scroll down until you find “wp_users”. Then, click on the “Browse” link or button for the “wp_users” table.

Step3 browse wp_users


Step 4
Find the admin user and click on the “Edit” link or button.

Step4 edit user


Step 5
Locate the “user_pass”. Change the drop down function to “MD5”, and enter the new password that you want to use in the field/box right next to it.

In this example I am setting a new password: letmein

Then, click the “Go” button.

Step5 enter new password


Step 6
Now return to the WordPress login page and login with your new password.

That’s it!


Now make sure you write down your new login/password so you don’t forget it!

Be sure to watch the video located near the top of this page for a complete step by step walk through to see how fast and easy it is to reset your WordPress password. It is just under 4:00 minutes long.

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