ForumsThere is little doubt most bloggers are more than familiar with how to get backlinks from commenting and guest posting. You have probably heard about a number of other methods and ways you can obtain additional backlinks to your website and/or inner posts by now too. Today I am going to show you how to get backlinks from forum sites.

A popular method that has been around for a very long time is to get links from Forums. These are much easier then you might realize. The problem is most people don’t use them properly, and end up getting banned from a forum site. I know a lot of bloggers spend more time at other blogging sites because they are familiar with the commenting process. Forums might seem a little confusing at first, but overall they are just as simple as blog commenting.

Forum replying is not that different from blog commenting. In some ways they are actually faster and easier. For instance a forum topic or thread is usually much shorter than a blog post. Oftentimes only a couple of short sentences. You can read it in its entirety in a matter of seconds. Where a blog post tends to be much longer.

Usually there is no “waiting for moderation” before they are approved like you find on blogs. Forum topics and replies are generally automatic and instant.

The only drawback is you have to become a member of the particular forum site before you can participate.

Whether you start a new topic/thread or you are replying to one it should be something that you are generally interested in, and have something to contribute. Just like blog commenting. Don’t reply with a one liner like: “Wow this was great”. Doing so is just like saying: “Hey everyone I am just here to spam and get free backlinks.”

You should also avoid adding links in the actual thread or reply area, and even then you should avoid doing so if you are a new member of the forum.

So how do you get backlinks then?

Easy. Most forums have a “Signature” feature. Signatures allow you to add your links, which you can find in your account settings/options area. Be sure to check the rules and FAQ’s because some forums do have limitations to the amount you can add or what kind.

Then, whenever you start a topic or reply to one, your signature links will automatically show up at the bottom of your reply or topic post.

Some forum sites will require 5, 10, or more posts before you can use the signature feature. They may also require you to be a member for a specific amount of days first. If they do, don’t go on a posting or replying spree just to get your post count up enough for the signature links to kick in. If you do you are likely to be labeled a spammer. It is much better to do this over a number of days. You don’t have to start new topics to get your post count up either. Simply replying to someones question is usually enough.

Examples shown below are based on vBulletin Forums

Assuming that you have met the minimum requirements for the forum signature feature to be available the following screen shots will provide a brief overview of how to use them.

Find the “Edit Signature” link in your account settings menu.

Edit Signature


Enter you signature text and links and save the changes:

Enter Signature Links


You can usually use keyword / key phrase anchor text links, which can be to internal pages and posts if you want.

Many forum sites also include the ability to add your social profiles, which might link to your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or even your most recent blog post. So take advantage of these too.

Add Social Profile


When you reply to a forum topic / thread type your reply and make sure the “Show your signature” link is checked.

Type Your Reply


After you post your reply, it will look something like this:

Signature Social Profile After Reply


As you can see under the reply text the signature links automatically show up, and on the left you can see the links to social profiles if you added them.

At this particular forum both signature links and social profile links happen to be dofollow.

Not all forums are dofollow anymore, but there are still tons of them out there that are.

1. Browse the site before joining to see if you can find signature links under replies.
2. Check them to see whether they are dofollow or nofollow if it matters to you. For more information about how to do that see this article: How to tell if links are dofollow or nofollow.
3. Make sure signature links are visible to non-logged in members. If you can only see signature links when logged into the site that means Google won’t see them either.
4. Never spam a forum.
5. Don’t reply to topic just to get a backlink.
6. Don’t reply or start too many topics in a short period of time.
7. Find a forum that is related to your niche and one that has topics that you are familiar with.
8. Have Fun!

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