phpMy host has a whole slew of PHP versions that I can choose from. Some of which are obviously out of date, and should probably be removed. Or, at least a warning about using older out of date PHP versions to power your website, but they don’t do that.

Some folks do need older versions because their CMS (Content Management System) won’t work with newer PHP versions. So, they have no choice but to use the older version or find a new CMS to switch to that will work with newer PHP versions. Which isn’t always the ideal option. And, one that would require tons of work to migrate all the data to a new CMS platform. Not to mention links and backlinks will probably be structured differently.

These PHP developers seem to be cranking out new versions much faster than they used to. I don’t know what is with all of this rapid release stuff. Not just PHP, but a lot of software and apps are doing this now. Do we really need a new version every few weeks? Maybe security patches, but I can live without new features for a few weeks … sheesh!

Every time I turn on my computer, tablet, or phone something needs to be updated. Or, wants me to update it anyway.

I get so tired of all the updates all the time it has become ridiculous and never ending process now.

Not to mention they want access to all kinds of additional information on your tablet, phone, etc. you must agree to just to download the darn update.


I really don’t see whey some apps need access to your microphone. I mean what for what is the point when it has nothing to do with voice of any kind? It makes me wonder if the app is eavesdropping or recording you for god knows what purpose.

It seems to me Google started all this rapid release stuff with Chrome if I remember right. And, for some reason it’s like everyone wants to follow what Google is doing.

I wish they would just leave stuff alone and put out updates only a few times per year, but no we can’t do that now can we?

I really don’t see why PHP 5.6 is at or nearing its end of life. I always liked PHP 5.6. I am definitely not ready to make the jump to 7.x yet. Until my scripts can guarantee me that they are PHP 7.x friendly or ready, I’ll be sticking with version 5.6.

I just hate being forced to upgrade. I prefer to upgrade when I am good and ready to.

So, hopefully I can hold out for a while yet. The biggest concern I have is Os Ticket (My support ticket system). I’m not certain that it will run on PHP 7.x without upgrading, and I have too many modifications to do that yet.

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