Google AuthorshipI have read a lot of articles recently how adding the Google Authorship Markup can greatly influence your traffic. That’s the little face / head shot image that appears in the search results next to some pages/links.

Many people believe that even if your page or website happens to rank lower in search results that some people are more likely to click on one with an author image than one without it. Now that is a tough call and I think it varies from one person to the next.

A regular blogger may be tempted to click on a result with an author image especially one that they recognize, but a non-blogger or casual general searcher might be accustomed to clicking the first result.

When your image is displayed next to your article/post after doing a Google search it should encourage and bring more visitors, but it is nearly impossible to predict just how much more. There are just too many factors involved.

Now that brings up the question…

Just how long does it take Google to show your authorship image / face in search results?

Assuming you have properly configured and setup the markup page code properly and have verified that it is working here:
Google Structured Data Testing Tool

There is no specific time period that you should expect. It varies from one author to the next. There are a few very popular sites/bloggers that have said their image showed up almost instantly.

It seems to vary for the average (less popular) person or website from several days to possibly even months.

Author Image


How long did it take for my image to appear in Google search results?

I added the Google Author Markup to some of my posts on April 13th, 2013 and I added it to more the following day on April 14th, 2013. I didn’t expect to see anything for a while, but out of curiosity I did check once a day.

On April 16th, 2013 I started seeing my image in search results. Not all of my posts and pages, but around 10 or so. Keep in mind that is barely 3 days after adding it. Not too bad, and that was much faster than I was expecting.

A day later (4 days total) on April 17th, 2013 I found approximately 70 of my posts in Google were displaying my image.

I signed up for Google Plus at the same time that I added it to my posts and pages, which was April 13th, 2013.

One interesting thing to note is that once I started seeing my author image in results the majority of them were pointing to blog posts (WordPress powered). There was only a small handful to my Dolphin Tutorials (Boonex Dolphin powered) at the time of this post. Does Google favor WordPress websites? It seems so in this case.

Things to note about my website and content.
Whether the following plays a role in determining how fast an author image may appear in search results I couldn’t tell you for sure, but I am including this for reference.

I have owned this domain for 10 years now. I have content, articles, tutorials, etc. that are almost 5 years old. So this site and my content have been around for a while.

I don’t do a lot of SEO or backlink building, but some. I would say my efforts fall into the light SEO category.

My homepage had a PR2 at the time, and Alexa Rank was around 60,000.

How long will it take for your Google Author image to show up in search results?

As I mentioned earlier Google doesn’t guarantee a specific time frame, or that your image will even show at all for that matter. I could be one of the lucky ones since mine started appearing in 3 days, but I am definitely not the most popular blogger or website out there.

If you are lucky you could see your image show up in as little as 3 days. If you are not so lucky it could take a couple of weeks or even months so be patient.

If you have already added the Google Authorship Markup code to your website how long did it take for your image to appear in Google search results?

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