Google IndexingEveryone wants their new post indexed immediately. In this age of technology we are accustomed to getting information and seeing results instantly. If we have to wait more than a few minutes, and sometimes just a few seconds it seems like it is the end of the world for some folks. Nobody has patience anymore.

Which brings me to the whole getting your new post indexed thing. Just how long does it take Google to find and index your new article once you have posted it? Does it happen in a few minutes? Hours? Or, does it take a day or more?

There are obviously many factors involved that may determine the speed and frequency at which your pages are crawled and indexed. Websites that are popular and have a lot of traffic are generally indexed very fast. But, there seems to be certain website software scripts that Google likes much better than others. For instance Does Google favor WordPress websites.

I added this WordPress blog to my main website (Dolphin Tutorials) somewhere around the middle of June 2011, and I made my first post on June 18th, 2011 – My WordPress Quest. The main part of this site has been online for quite awhile, but the blog is barely 2 1/2 month old.

Since adding the blog new posts are generally crawled and indexed by Google in 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Which I consider very fast, and certainly more than acceptable. On top of that since the blog is still relatively new I haven’t had time to do as much SEO as I would like yet.

When I post something new on the main Dolphin Tutorials part of this website it can take 2 hours to 2 days for Google to index something new. And, the main part of this website has been online much longer, it has more backlinks, and much more content. For some reason Google just doesn’t like it nearly as much in terms of crawling and indexing speed.

Here is a little screen shot of a recent post I made to the WordPress blog part of this website. As you can see the post only took 10 minutes to show up in Google using the site operator query. It is also possible that it took less than 10 minutes because I didn’t even look for it until that much time had gone by.

Indexed in Google 10 mins

When I do the same for my main Dolphin Tutorials part of this site sometimes I get lucky and Google just happens to be visiting shortly after making a post, but it still takes at least 2 hours. More commonly it takes 12-16 hours on average, but it can take as long as 2 days.

Obviously I don’t have time to install, test, and build websites just to see how Google friendly a script might be. I would imagine there are others fast like WordPress, and most likely many very slow as well.

Some website script developers should really spend a little more time on making their script programming more Google friendly along with better SEO capabilities for the end user. Especially in this day and age when SEO is a very important factor.

Just how fast does Google index your new posts? And, does the type of website script you use seem to matter or have any influence?

Some of my websites:
Wordpress posts – Very fast 5-30 minutes.
Boonex Dolphin – Slow to very slow 2 hours to 2 days, average 12-16 hours.
Standard HTML – Slow to very slow 12-48 hours.

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