bloggingSometimes I wonder if it’s all been done before when it comes to articles/blog posts. I mean heck do a search for something and you get more results then you could possibly imagine. Why write something that has been done a hundred thousand plus times.

Chances are your article will never rank very high in the long-term. Maybe for a few short days until Google decides to bury your article on the 25th page or something like that. Meaning nobody will ever see it again.

You may get a few websites linking to your article, but it’s not like they are going to send you tons of traffic indefinitely. Maybe a short burst of new traffic, but that’s it.

So why bother right? That’s what I keep telling myself and wondering. Then again, if you are like me you don’t even search ahead of time. I just write the darn thing and if someone finds and reads it great. If not no big deal either.

I don’t get caught up in all the analytics and traffic generation stuff anymore. I was wasting too much time on that kind of thing.

If you enjoy writing, then go for it. Even if it has been done before you never know maybe Google will show you a little more love than the other similar articles. You never know I guess, and anything is possible.

I used to write tons of articles for both Boonex Dolphin and WordPress. I kind of set that aside for a while because it was kind of repetitive, and a lot of it had been done before.

More recently I decided to just do some more generalized blogging and writing. I haven’t done this in a very long time, and I figured it would give me a little break from the norm.


There is definitely plenty of topics to ramble on about. IE: write about, but are people going to read them? Good question. I don’t know. At this point I have nothing better to do other than get back to tutorial writing again.

I used to make some YouTube video tutorials, but my goodness talk about time-consuming. The editing alone to hours upon end. I would edit out coughs, and clearing my throat and that type of thing. You don’t realize how much of it you do until you listen to a recording of yourself. It’s almost embarrassing and unreal what you happen to do. Even repeating the same words or sentences numerous times on occasion. It’s kind of entertaining, and a good way to see what you really sound like to others.

I really don’t want to waste that much time right now either. I can write 5-10+ articles and maybe more to one YouTube video.

Some people really get into YouTube though. They are almost addicted to it, even younger kids. I’ve seen the folks that create them checking there stats all the time too. I don’t really see the point of wasting time with YouTube stats. Either you get a lot of views or you don’t.

I have had some random videos generated thousands of views in a short amount of time, and others barely any views. It’s like the luck of the draw or something with YouTube.

If they didn’t take so darn long to record and edit I would spend more time with them. I guess I am just burned out on the time it takes to complete one. Maybe one day I will get back into them again, but for the time being they are on hold.

Ok that’s enough rambling on for one day. Good luck with YouTube, your articles, and dead or broken links. May you have better luck than I have had.

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