Google Pagerank UpdateApparently there was a Google Pagerank update on November 7th, 2012 give or take depending on where in the world you happen to live.

Several webmaster forums and sites I frequent have trending topics supporting a new update, and they are usually accurate.

I don’t follow Google Pagerank nearly as much as I used to, but I still do some minor checking after hearing about one.

If you like the numbers’ game, and follow Google updates you may want to check your website to see for yourself. If you have the Google toolbar it will show you pagerank for any given page right in your web browser. There are also addons for Mozilla Firefox that will show you pagerank. I am not as familiar with all the extras available for Chrome, but there are probably some extensions available that do something similar as well.

You can also use one of the following online Pagerank Checkers here:

So there we have it probably the last major Pagerank Update of 2012. I can already hear it though…people will be asking when is the next update? I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole process is automated and most of the people that work for Google probably don’t have a clue when it will happen. Most likely only a small group of individuals that work directly with it would have any inside knowledge, and I doubt that they are going to provide any hint. So ask all you want, but nobody knows for certain. Most of what you see posted online are just predictions and guesses about the next update not fact.

Whether your website and pages gained, lost, or stayed the same it’s not as important as how you actually rank in search results. Think about it. Would you rather spend most of your time trying to achieve more Pagerank or do you want to rank well in search engines and see more traffic. Personally I would rather work on traffic than worry and waste my time chasing Google Pagerank.

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