Google Pagerank UpdateGoogle appears to have update Pagerank on Monday November 7th, 2011 (11-7-2011). A number of webmaster forums have been buzzing about it all day. One thing about active webmaster types of forums they seem to be the first to pick up and post about it.

If you follow Pagerank you might have a look at your websites and pages if interested. Most of what I have seen based on what others are talking about are the usual ups and downs. Some people seem to be happy, and others are a little disappointed or ticked off.

You should also keep in mind that Google is fairly famous for following a major Pagerank update with a minor update within a few weeks. It is fairly common to see a follow-up where a few sites and pages tend to see some corrections or changes. Whether this will be the case again this time around or not who knows.

Any way if it something of interest to you this would be a good time to run a few checks.

Until the next Google Pagerank update…

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