Google Pagerank UpdateApparently there was a Google Pagerank Update on Thursday May 3rd, 2012 ish depending on just where in the world you happen to live. This information is based upon several Webmaster and SEO forum sites I belong to. One thing about those kinds of sites they seem to be very tuned into Google updates, and are usually the first to inform everyone.

There are people who say it affects the rank of internal pages, while a few others have said that their homepage did go up or down. Whether this would be considered a major or minor update I couldn’t tell you for sure since it just happened.

If memory serves, it has been somewhere around 3 months since the last one. Although they don’t have a set scheduled release for Pagerank updates 3 month intervals seem to be fairly common.

If you are interested you might check your website to see if you notice any changes. Like I mentioned I am hearing forum chatter about internal pages, but some people are talking about homepage rank as well.

Check almost any popular SEO forum or site that talks about Google and search engines and you should easily find a number of topics surrounding the latest PR update.

I know some people look forward to updates as a sense of accomplishment (or disappointment). I don’t follow it nearly as much as I used to anymore. I just don’t think it is as important as it once was. It is really just a number, and I would rather see numbers in search engine results page rather than a little green bar number.

You can use either of the following popular sites to check your site. If you want to check a bunch of internal pages you will need to locate a tool that will check multiple pages.

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