Google Pagerank UpdateIt would appear that Google has update and exported Pagerank to the toolbar on Monday June 27th 2011 give or take a day depending on where in the world you live and where your time zone lies.

The last major Pagerank update was around January 20, 2011. So it has been around 5 months since the last one. Google used to follow a more predictable update schedule. But, in the past year or so their schedule has been less predictable.

I have noticed in the past after a major update Google will follow up with a couple of minor updates or tweaks. You really never know with Google, but for most what you see is what you get.

If you follow Google Pagerank or have an interest in it you might check your website for any changes. Please remember it is Pagerank, meaning each and every page can have a different rank. Generally your homepage or main index page will have higher rank than your inner pages and posts. But, occasionally an inner page will out rank your homepage.

Not something to spend all day with, but it can be interesting to take a peek at anyway.


Google Pagerank

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