Google Pagerank UpdateApparently there was a Google Pagerank Update on Monday Februrary 6th, 2012 give or take where in the world you happen to live. I haven’t come across an official confirmation or post, but a number of webmaster forums seem to be buzzing about it. One thing about these types of sites, they are usually the first to notice and post something to let everyone know. Sometimes they are false alarms and someone just got excited about something without checking more thoroughly. However, I did do some basic checks on a number of sites and pages around the web and there were some noticeable changes.

If you follow Google Pagerank or have an interest in it you might do some exploring and checking. Keep in mind it is Pagerank not site rank, which means not only your homepage, but your inner/internal pages could have gone up or down.

I don’t follow it as much as I used to. I started leaning toward SERP results (search engine results pages) instead. A Pagerank increase is nice, but after all it is just a green little bar. It may matter to some extent, but not nearly as much as it used to. I would rather see and have better results in SERP’s rather than a little more green bar.

If this is truly a major Google Pagerank Update, it would be around 3 months since the last one give or take again.

It is fairly common to see a follow up / correction shortly after to make some corrections. It doesn’t happen all the time, nor does it affect every site or page, but it does happen sometimes. So if you are interested do some checking and follow ups over the next couple of weeks.

If all is well with your Pagerank and everything sticks, then what you see is what you get for several more months. Keep in mind it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

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