Google Pagerank UpdateFor those of you that follow Google Pagerank there was another update today August 4th, 2011. This makes 3 updates in a relatively short period of time. It is not uncommon to see activity like this from Google, but we tend to hear about the lack of updates and frequency more often.

In the past 5 weeks give or take a few days there was a Google Pagerank Update June 27th, 2011. Another Google Pagerank Update July 18th, 2011, and now this one on August 4th, 2011.

It is fairly common for Google to perform an update and follow up with a tweak/adjustment or two shortly after. Whether this is it for a while now or not nobody knows for sure.

Although I am interested in updates I do not follow them that closely. It may appear that I do if you follow some of my posts. I belong to a website that is very tuned into it. Whenever there is pagerank update activity happening they are one of the firsts to know about it. I simply pass it along to my readers.

People have been reporting that this latest pagerank update affects both main/homepage, and inner pages/links. So if interested you might check your homepage and a few of your inner pages as well.

I am not convinced that Google has it right just yet because some of my own pages that have some pr rank do not exactly make much sense. Even the mighty Google isn’t perfect all the time.

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