HuluIt never surprises me when I hear about Google wanting to buy something. They obviously have the money to buy just about anything.

Well I should have seen this one coming with Google’s recent interest in movies and television broadcasts. Now it appears as though Google has taken an interest in Hulu. A few other companies like Yahoo and Microsoft have also expressed interest.

If you follow Google you know they have been on a major buying spree the past few years. I guess it is faster and easier to just buy a company rather than create something unique and different.

I am wondering if they have been eye balling Netflix. And, after hearing about Blockbuster being sold to Dish Network for somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million. I was surprised that Google didn’t jump all over that one. $300 million would be nothing for Google to come up with. Also, considering they are rumored to have set aside $500 million to pay expected fines the government is in the process of imposing on them.

Hulu continues to be popular, but if you are familiar with the site the movies they offer are mostly the older variety. TV episodes vary. Some newer and some older. Hulu does seem to be more popular with the TV episodes and programing rather than the movies they offer. If Google could take it over and work out a deal who knows what might become of things. They obviously would capitalize on the advertising. After all that is how Google makes their money.

At any rate it is very early and mainly preliminary talks regarding Hulu. But, I wouldn’t put it past them or rule it out.

What else is in the horizon for Google? Who knows, but I am sure it will be something.

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