Technical WritersThere are many things that Google doesn’t like. They don’t like Microsoft too well, and they probably don’t like Apple Inc. either, but they are most likely fine with an apple (fruit) in general.

When it comes to SEO there are a lot of things we are told to avoid that can get your website into trouble. From the definite NO No’s, to the gray area that’s not quite as clear. A few whoopsies and you are in penalty land either algorithmic or manual.

I haven’t looked up the recommended keyword ratio per page for a while now, but I used to see 1% to 5% mentioned often with 2% to 3% considered average. A few folks used to say that you could occasionally push 6% to 8%.

I have never been one to write for Google and the search engines, and I don’t spend hours of my time researching keywords. I try to write an article that is simple to follow along with and easy to understand. When I am done I give the post a title that someone would look for.

I have been writing technical tutorials for the Boonex Dolphin Social CMS script on the main part of this site for many years now. The thing that I find the most difficult about these are, it’s extremely easy to add too many keywords without realizing it.

That’s because I always try to be as thorough as I can so the visitor understands what I am talking about. I hate tutorials that skip a step or aren’t clear about something. By doing so it is easy to repeat specific words throughout an article a little more than I should.

I don’t want to confuse a visitor by omitting something important, but yet I don’t want to keep repeating a word 100 times either.

I started going through my older technical tutorials and looking at the keyword density. What I found was, they range from a little over 1% to slightly over 5%, which would be in the acceptable range that I read about. But, after highlighting various keywords I have to admit anything 3% and over doesn’t look that great.

Here is one that is around 3.6%:

Many Keywords

Although email isn’t really a money word it was used 10 times in 2 paragraphs, which is a bit much in my opinion.


This one is around 3.0%:

Google Words

Look how many times the word Google was used in this article.

And, the screen shots don’t reflect the whole article either. There are plenty more that you can’t see.

I don’t consider these to be spammy because they weren’t intentional, and they don’t include affiliate links, or linking out to other sites with keyword rich anchor text. However, Google may consider them to be leaning towards keyword stuffing. Who knows with all their constant changes.

So, I started reducing the number of repetitive words per article by either replacing them with another, or re-writing a few sentences completely. Even if Google doesn’t consider these keyword stuffing I still think they look better with a reduced number. The key is not to remove too many though. I certainly don’t want to shoot myself in the foot if you know what I mean.

If you write tutorials like myself I would try to use alternative words, or variations whenever possible because it’s easier than you think to end up with many keywords in an article.

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