Happy New Year 2014I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but the year 2013 really flew by. Maybe that comes with age. I certainly don’t remember them passing so fast years ago. It seems like we just rang in 2013 not that long ago. One thing I do look forward to is spring/summer. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if the rest of winter flies by because I really enjoy warm sunny weather.

I have never been into the resolution thing. Each time another year passes I just keep and open mind and remain optimistic about what the new year may bring. All I hope for is that it turns out better than the year before.

Out with the old and in with new

The New year can be a good reminder and time to get some overdue cleaning done. Whether it be physical items around your home, or website related.

Many website owners use this time of year to roll out a new theme, template, or design. Others are happy to just get things cleaned up and back in order that they have been putting off.

This is generally a good time of year to get caught up on the things you keep telling yourself that you need to get done, but never seem to get around to doing.

Traffic tends to drop as Christmas approaches and continues into the first week or so of the new year. If you have a product or service for sale on your website your sales might be down. I think many people are tapped out financially after Christmas and aren’t as eager to splurge for a while.

I know website maintenance and cleaning isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to do, but it kind of comes with the territory. The longer you put it off the more work you are potentially creating for yourself in the long run.

Since traffic and sales tend to drop this time of year it’s the perfect time to get this done. Even if it means forcing yourself to do so.

Maintenance and clean up will obviously vary considerably from one site to the next. Because of this it’s difficult to say you should do something in particular or just how much time there would be involved.

Things you might consider after the new year:
1. A new theme/template.
2. Plugin/module removal or clean up.
3. Database maintenance and clean up.
4. Make sure plugins/modules, forms, sign-ups, etc. are working properly.
5. Check for broken links.
6. Make sure backups are working (or setup backups).
7. Make sure your CMS system and plugins/modules are up-to-date.
8. Clean comment or other spam you may have missed.

Ideally performing these tasks several times per year is recommended. I know it can be easy to forget. Just remember New Year’s and spring/summer cleaning at the very least.

I definitely have been putting a few of these off myself that I need to work on this month.

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