Read MeDo you have a set of rules for your website? Maybe a comment policy, or something you just assume visitors will easily find and read if they have concerns or uncertainties.

I don’t care how obvious you think it is, or how large you make it some people just won’t see the thing. You can make it blink, wave at them, maybe even scream out: Here I am! Please read me! I swear no matter what you do some people are in such a hurry they just don’t see it, or they just don’t bother for some reason.

So how do you get someone to actually see and read it? Honestly I have no idea. You can’t force people to read something. Even if you put a pop-up message or warning people tend to close the thing as fast as it pops up.

You can try huge text size to get your message across, but I swear people somehow know how to tune it out and skip over this too.

I have tried putting links in the top menu navigation on many sites in the past. They are plain as day, very obvious, and easy to find, and people still don’t seem to find them. At least I think they are fairly obvious.

DisclaimerI have been asked how do I do this or that? How do I do something? Why did this happened? Where do I find this? I can’t find this (something). Things like that. The funny thing is that all the answers to those questions are usually available on the site if one takes a minute to look around. It is also strange that someone won’t take the time to look for that information on the site, but they will take the time to send a message asking about it.

I am not complaining or anything, and sometimes the question or information is not available on the website. In which case I am more than happy to answer.

It is just when things are available and what would seem to be plain as day I don’t know why some people can’t seem to find it.

I don’t like making huge annoying text or images that are a little on the ugly side just to attract attention, and I am not so sure that they help that much anyway.

It could also just be spammers that don’t read anything, or maybe even using automated bots that just don’t read or care about anything for that matter.

When people have contacted me in the past I would write a detailed explanation back which was obviously time-consuming. I have been thinking that in the future if the information is available on the site that maybe I should just reply back with a link to the page that contains what they happen to be looking for. I don’t know if I have time to write a 5-10 minute explanation 10 times per day, especially when it does happen to be posted somewhere on the site. I can’t imagine a huge business getting hundreds of these questions all day long every day.

So how do you get visitors to read your rules, policies, or other important information?

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