JustReTweetI recently wrote an article about how to gain more followers on Twitter. Today I want to talk about how to get more Twitter Tweets, Facebook Likes, and Google Plus 1’s for individual posts.

If you are just starting out or struggling to get noticed and gain additional exposure this might be helpful, and something worth at least checking out in your spare time.


The site is JustReTweet.com. I have seen quite a few people talking about it for several months now. So I thought I would check it out and see what happens. It is free so the only thing I was out was my time.

JustReTweet allows you to earn credits for ReTweeting other users content. Once you have some credits built up you can submit your content for a specific number of credits. You can choose how many credits you would like to offer, the maximum times you want to promote it, which social networks to allow (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+), and the minimum number of Twitter followers a user must have.

Retweet It

Your article will need to be approved before it goes live.

They clearly state:

Please do not request retweets for sales pages, direct affiliate links, squeeze pages, homepage links, and other overly promotional or low quality content. These will be deleted.


You can also use your credits to gain Twitter Followers. If you promote other users content or submit your own Tweets you may appear on the Twitter Followers page, which can result in additional exposure.

Follow Users:
Top Promoters

I have been actively testing JustReTweet for a little over a week now. So far, I have been pleased with the results.

The site is very clean and easy to navigate. It is fairly easy to figure out how to use most features. However, there’s not much in the form of help pages. They do have a Frequently Asked Question page that explains the basics, but they could update and add a few more details which would be helpful to new users.

The allowed content seems to be moderated and is geared towards quality, which you won’t find on too many other sites. There seems to be more content available to promote in the Blogging Tips, Marketing, and Technology categories, but you can find others.

I have looked at a few alternatives to JustReTweet, and the level of quality just wasn’t there on other sites. I can easily find similar content to my own to promote and ReTweet every day on JustReTweet. On other sites I am lucky if I can find one or two in an entire week.

I know it may be tempting to promote a post just for the number of credits offered. I would avoid promoting/retweeting content that isn’t related to what you would normally tweet. If you have a technology site it wouldn’t make sense to promote something about makeup or beauty. Stick with content similar to your own that your followers will appreciate even if the credits offered are less. Also, check back at other times of the day. There are users around the world that will add new content at different times. You can only retweet 10 posts per day so keep that in mind too.

If you are not interested in retweeting other users content you can buy credits.

I have noticed that some users tend to over promote their content on occasion. Most people probably won’t notice, but I see things like a recently promoted post with hundreds of tweets. However, when I view the actual post content/page it has no comments or at best just a couple. It seems a little unusual to see so many tweets and not a single person actually left a comment on the particular post. Another thing I have observed is people will promote a post that they just published and 5 or 10 minutes later they have nearly 100 tweets racked up. I find it difficult to believe that the average site would get so many tweets in such a short amount of time. So don’t overdo it too fast.

JustReTweet.com is a decent site, and since you can use it for free you aren’t out anything other than your time. I haven’t seen a lot of activity, but better than what I was expecting for the short time I have been a member. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are trying to get more social media shares for your site and content. You just might gain a few followers, and make some new connections too.

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