Mozilla Firefox 8Here it is barely 4 weeks since Firefox 7 was released and last night I got an automatic notification that I can download and upgrade Firefox 8.

After reading several reviews I don’t see anything notably different when compared to Firefox 4-7. The overall look and feel appears the same. One thing I saw mentioned was it now has Twitter as an option in the search dropdown box. I don’t know if that qualifies as anything excitingly new or not.

Apparently 3rd party addons are supposed to be disabled by default in this new version. Which as far as I understand means you will need to manually enable each addon you intend to use.

It’s not hard to find people complaining about high memory usage Firefox tends to consume. Mozilla has had a problem keeping this under control for quite a while now. Each time a new version is released I hear memory performance is better. This is usually the case when you are talking a new install or fresh upgrade. But, if you are a power user like myself usually within a few weeks it is apparent that a memory issue persists.

Once again with the release of Firefox 8 the claim is that memory performance has improved. We really need to give it time and test it out for a while before we can come to that conclusion. Based on what I have seen ever since Firefox version 4 you can’t honestly say that memory use has improved until you give it at least 2-4 weeks. Then again as fast as they have been releasing new versions by the time memory use starts to become a problem again they will have a new version out.

At any rate if you are a fan you get the latest Mozilla Firefox 8 here:

You can also check the Mozilla addon compatibility report for Firefox here:

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