Mozilla Firefox 5Mozilla release Firefox 5 a couple of days ago. This comes just barely 85 days since the release of Firefox 4. They only put out 2 whole versions, 4.0.0 and an update 4.0.1 before releasing version 5.

Why so quick? The official word from Mozilla: We are moving Firefox to a rapid release schedule.

Some have speculated that there could be security issues with version 4 that this new release addresses. I can’t verify that statement. It is just what I have read in a few other threads and postings.

If they keep this new rapid release schedule at or around 85 days in between it won’t take long to see a Firefox version 10.

When Mozilla has a fairly major version change there is always an addon compatibility issue. You don’t know if some of your addons will work, or if none of them will work anymore. Which is one of the reasons why I generally do not jump into upgrading. I prefer to wait at least a few weeks for some of the bugs to be worked out, and hopefully for some of the incompatible addons to be updated by the developers. Sometimes addons are updated fairly quick while other times it takes a while, and some may not ever be updated.

At the time of this post one of the more popular addons the Google Toolbar is not yet compatible with Firefox 5. This is not a Mozilla issue it is Google that needs to update their toolbar for Firefox. So you are waiting on Google and not Mozilla for that one.

Here is a handy link to a Mozilla addon compatibility checker for Firefox 5:

If you are a huge fan of Firefox like myself and have used it for years you might be aware of the memory leak issue that has plagued Firefox for a long time now. I have heard that some people are reporting that this has finally been fixed in Firefox 5. However, I find it too early to really know if this is true or not without more testing and input. But, if this happens to be the case I will be very pleased.

I intend to spend more time testing it in the coming weeks.

You can download the latest Firefox 5 directly from Mozilla here:

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