Wordpress SpamAnyone that has their own website is certainly aware of how annoying spam can be. One day you might see a big blast, and the next day not so much. Reducing or preventing it can be a major challenge. There are unlimited topics and resources about combating and dealing with it. Sometimes it is obvious, but other times it’s not, and I know some websites are a little more lenient than others when it comes to what they will and will not allow. If your site has a feature that allows visitors or members to post something chances are you will have to deal with it at some point.

I have been battling spam here on this site for a quite a while now. I have spent countless hours researching and testing different anti-spam tips and suggestions. Obviously I would like to block and prevent spam, but I don’t want to block anything legit in the process.

People say use Askimet and you won’t have to worry about it or deal with it anymore. Askimet is pretty decent and it does block and prevent a lot of spam, but it’s not perfect either. It does prevent a small percentage of real comments. So use it and prevent the majority of real spam, and just accept that a few legit comments will get caught in the process.

Using other anti-spam methods might allow the legit comments through that Askimet would have blocked, but in the process I get a bunch that I would rather not have to deal with come through as well. There are quite a few anti-spam plugins and modifications for WordPress, but I haven’t been totally pleased with the results. I still get way more spam than I would like to see.

I have read more topics about preventing WordPress spam than I can count over the past few weeks. Most of them recommend the same plugins or modifications, which in my opinion didn’t help that much. They do work to some extent, just not as well as what I was hoping for or expecting.

I have been testing .htaccess and assorted anti-spam code tweaks while my friend Peter Lee from Computer How To Guide has been testing a lot of WordPress anti-spam plugins. We have managed to reduce some of the spam we receive, but I think we would both like to see a bigger reduction.

I am tempted to turn Askimet back on, but I just can’t bring myself to do so yet. I have a couple more things to test out, but I am starting to lose faith, not to mention my patience with all the spam. I intend to test a few more modifications over the coming weeks, and hopefully I will find something that helps. I am wasting way too much time deleting spam daily. I have much better things that I would rather be spending my time with.

If anyone uses a WordPress anti-spam plugin, code modification, or combination I would love to hear what works for you. Keep in mind I would rather avoid using Askimet if possible.

I did add a modification about 24 hours ago that seems to be helping. However, it is a little early to know for sure yet. It could just be coincidence and I should allow more time before I come to a conclusion. If I continue to see positive results I will pass it along in another post.

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