Electric Guitar AmpI played guitar for years in my early teens through mid 20’s. All in all nearly 20 years strait. Then, one day I just set it aside and never picked it back up for some reason.

A few months ago I found a good deal on a used guitar and amp, and figured what the heck, maybe I’ll get back into it.

It’s somewhat like riding a bike. When you played as long as I did you never forget. Well, when it comes to guitar you never forget everything. At least I didn’t. The things I did forget were pretty easy to pick back up and get the hang of again much quicker and easier.

I started looking into what’s happening in the world of guitar and to my surprise a lot of it has gone digital. I would have never expected this years ago, and it was still a shocker anyway.

It seems that a lot of amps have built in digital effects now that just isn’t quite the same. Sure it’s kind of nifty, but as a classic 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s player for the most part it was kind of a let down.

They still make tube amps, but the price has gone up substantially, and it’s difficult to find some made in the good ‘ol USA without shelling out more money than I have just for a part-time hobby.

Made in USA

I don’t know maybe the newer/younger generation thinks it cool or something, and the amp companies need to keep up with what they demand. I don’t know otherwise.

Some of the guitars and amps I tested were so poorly put together they felt like they would break in a few weeks. I couldn’t imagine giving them a big work out or taking them on the road.

That’s where you would have to spend thousands of dollars for better quality I guess, which is a little unfortunate.

I do miss my good old guitar and amp that I got rid of years ago. It’s been close to 20 years since I set it aside and got rid of them.

I just can’t believe for something new and decent I would have to shell out a couple thousand bucks for a simple electric guitar and amp. That’s a total bummer because I don’t have that kind of money to burn.

Of course most of the stuff that would be in most people’s price range is all made over seas like: China, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, etc. And, as we all know you get what you pay for from over seas products, guitars and amps are no exception.

I darn near gave my guitar and amp away when I quit playing. Now I am really kicking myself for doing so, but who would have thought?

Oh well, at least I made somebody’s day when I sold them to him for an unbelievable price some 20 years ago.

But, what an idiot or fool I was. I would give almost anything to have them back now. Instead, I am stuck with low quality junk that I paid more than I should have for. Live and learn I guess.

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