Premium WordPress ThemesDo a Google Search and you will find numerous results and topics telling you that you need to get some kind of costly premium template if you want to be successful. Whether it’s WordPress or any other website software script. You will find that they are often rambling on about how good this theme or framework is because they are trying to make some affiliate sales. Nothing wrong with that and I don’t blame anyone for trying. Everyone wants to make a little money.

I do sometimes wonder if these people or sites that recommend the particular fancy (costly) premium template theme really know much about it or not. Are they just trying to make money, or have they actually tested and used the thing themselves. I guess it could go either way. Some people really don’t care they will just tell you how great it is, while others will give a more accurate and honest opinion and review.

This brings me to the whole Free Template Themes vs. Premium Template Themes. Do they really help or make a difference? If so how, or by what means? I have a difficult time believing that a premium paid template theme is going to bring about a sudden surge in traffic or revenue. I am leaning towards the whole “Don’t judge a book by its cover” saying or concept.

You can spend a lot of money on a fancy template theme, but it doesn’t mean anything if the content is plain, boring, or doesn’t appeal to anyone. On the other hand, you could have a free and simple website design with great content that people keep coming back to. It is possible that the design (cover) is very catchy, but the inside is so boring people will leave as fast as they arrived. There are plenty of designs (covers) that are simply not that exciting or catchy, but once you check them out you can’t stop reading.

There is no doubt that a nice design can draw attention and spark someones interest, but it doesn’t help any if you don’t have content that will keep the visitor interested. I don’t leave a site just because the design is simple and basic. I actually prefer simple, fast loading, and easy to navigate sites without all the fancy stuff taking forever to load up.

We could go on and on making comparisons to different template themes. Of course we could have simple sites with bad content, or appealing well designed sites with great content too.

Ultimately it doesn’t necessarily matter to me whether a site is using a free or paid premium template theme. Content and information is the number one reason I visit a site. Some of them just happen to be more visually appealing than others.

Anyone that tells you that a premium WordPress or other theme is necessary to get more traffic and make more money is full of it. I am aware of quite a few sites that make decent money and have a lot of traffic with fairly simple designs.

I am not saying don’t spend the cash on a nice template, framework, or both if you can afford it. Just don’t spend your last dollar on them because someone told you they are a must in order to make big bucks.

If you have the money to spend, then by all means go out and get yourself a nice template theme. Just be sure to do some research and make sure the one you decide to go with is really something you want and one you can handle.

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