Google PenguinIf you follow Google updates, algorithm changes, and such you probably know that it has been more than a year since they updated Penguin. SEO’s and website owners have been watching this closely with some almost begging for it to happen.

I don’t follow it nearly as much as I should, but one year and counting seems like a very long time to me especially if you happen to run a website that you believe has been affected by it.

From what I gather if your site was dinged algorithmically by Penguin and you have been working on clean up and recovery you may not see any positive results until they update or refresh it. So, at one year and counting no wonder some people are ticked off about it taking so long.

Google has been saying things like: it will happen soon, or in a couple of weeks, and before the end of the year, etc. Honestly, I have to wonder if they know what they are doing at this point. It sounds like they created one heck of a mess for themselves when they came up with Penguin. What seemed like a good idea at the time was anything, but that. Who knows for sure though.

I do feel for the site owner that was penalized by this that has been legitimately doing his or her best to dig themselves out of the hole they were tossed into by Google.

Waiting this long for an update seems a bit much to me. Not to mention if you have been working on cleaning up your backlinks you may not even know if what you have been doing is helping. It may also confuse and cause people to do more disavowing, then they should be doing or need to do. They may not see positive results after disavowing some backlinks, and what they end up doing is adding more to their list potentially causing more harm than good.

What Happened To Google Penguin

Google really should update or refresh it several times per year so people can see if their efforts are working or not. I mean heck do you remember everything that you did in the past year? I know I don’t.

So the past couple of weeks or so there has been a lot of chatter in webmaster forums and SEO sites about when Google will roll out a Penguin update. Some people are even predicting specific dates, which is a complete waste of time. All I can say is that it will happen when they are ready to release it.

If you have been impacted just keep watching some of the more popular sites that follow this type of thing. They are usually very prompt at reporting when it comes to an update like this. I tend to check Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable, or Search Engine Journal a few times per week for SEO news. However, there are obviously plenty of other reputable sites out there as well. Most likely once it does happen you will see a lot of new posts about it with things like winners and losers, etc.

I wish they would just update it soon so everyone affected by it can move on, or continue working on something they may have missed.

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