Content is kingI have read more articles and posts than I can count about how content is king when it comes to Google. I can also say that I have read just as many that make the opposite claim. There are numerous discussions and different opinions on the subject out there.

I think that Google would like us to believe that content is king, but it’s not always the case. Google would like to show you the most relevant results when performing a search. They have made numerous attempts to weed out the spammy sites and lower quality ones. My personal opinion is it would be nearly impossible to make that happen at any given time and all the time.

They would like us to think content is king and encourage everyone to focus on quality rather than quantity.

ContentYou have probably come across someone complaining about how their perfect website or post ranks lower than one of lesser quality. They pick the site or page apart hoping someone will side with them or offer a little sympathy. They are usually quick to post a link to the other site. What they aren’t so quick about is posting a link to their own site. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of forum posts like this.

For starters we all know more about our own website than most others. We think, or at least some of us believe that our own website is better than anyone else’s. So when some other website or page out ranks our own we tend to get a little disappointed, frustrated, and sometimes even a little ticked off.

Do you really spend a lot of time checking out the rest of the site in question? I know some people just focus on the particular page that ranks above them, and they really don’t spend that much time exploring the rest of the site. Maybe it does have other pages with good content.

It used to bother me, but now I don’t let it get to me. That’s just the way it is, and it is not worth getting all worked up about.

I know some sites that have been around for a long time with authority can get away with posting lesser quality articles and still rank well at least in the short-term. Take a look at a few popular sites, and I would be willing to bet they don’t always post 500+ word articles. Nor are they always helpful, or even related or on the same topic of what the site is about in general. They might be short and sweet. They might just barely mention or use a keyword that you happen to be using or targeting.

There are so many possible reasons that a site, page, or post happens to rank above yours. I wouldn’t let it bother you too much. Just focus on your website, build some decent quality SEO backlinks, and try to gain a little more popularity.

On the other hand have you ever out ranked a site or page and wondered why? My guess is you probably aren’t complaining when this happens. Have you ever been to a message board or forum and found anyone complaining about their site or page out ranking something that it shouldn’t?

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