CloudflareAfter reading a number of Cloudflare reviews the past month or so, I finally decided to try it myself. At first I was a little uneasy about the dns changes required to make it work. But, it was very simple and fast. I don’t think I had any down time what so ever.

By default it is pre-configured at a medium security threshold. I have read a few post by people that have said the medium setting occasionally blocked or prevented some of their regular visitors, and they changed to the low security setting.
For this first week I left it set at the default medium setting. I am thinking about testing it for a week using the low setting in the near future.

My stats for the past week according to the Cloudflare Analytics dashboard:

24,313 Page views
20,193 from regular traffic
2,059 from crawler/bots
2,061 from threats

98,346 requests saved by Cloudflare
163,099 total requests

932.9 MB bandwidth saved by Cloudflare
2.6 GB total bandwidth

Pages Crawled
Yahoo 4,759
Google 4,452
Bing 2,193
Yandex 717
Baidu 375

Cloudflare Stats

When I check the Threat Control alerts area I can see a lot coming from web spammers and botnet zombie’s. I have the option to block or trust. There are some report details, but it is rather basic and simple with the free version. When I scroll down I also have the option to block an ip, a range of ips, or an entire country too.

I really don’t have a lot of time to check each and every one of them. All I can do is hope that Cloudflare is doing a decent job at identifying these threats and not blocking legitimate traffic by mistake.

I would be curious to see how these might differ after using the low level security for a week.

932.9 MB’s of bandwidth and 98,346 requests saved by Cloudflare in 1 week seems like a decent amount.

It has only been 1 week since I started using Cloudflare so I can’t come to a conclusion yet. So far, it has been good. Although there were a few brief outages I noticed that caused my site to display an error. It was quickly resolved though.

One of the potential drawbacks that I see with Cloudflare is that they could be a popular target for attacks. If someone happened to disrupt Cloudflare’s service or dns it could affect thousands of sites. Although this is fairly unlikely it is a possibility.

I will continue testing the service before I come to a conclusion about the service. But, like I mentioned I am concerned with how accurate and good they are at identifying the good and the bad traffic.

The service is totally free for basic level, and it is very easy to set up and configure. Once your account is set up all you really need to do is change your dns where you registered your domain name. Then, wait for the stats and details to start rolling in.

Check them out if interested and see for yourself:
Cloudflare Home Page
Cloudflare Plans

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