ChatPlus Automator (Ubuntu)

ChatPlus Automator automates and simplifies the process of installing Chatplus for Boonex Dolphin, and Rocket Chat for Boonex UNA.

ChatPlus Automator 1.0.0
For: Ubuntu 16.04.x 64 bit and Ubuntu 18.04.x 64 bit with Apache Webserver


* Please note:
* 64 Bit Systems ONLY! *
* Ubuntu LTS Versions Only! – (Long Term Support Versions Only!)

After the installation process completes it will run as a service, which
means you can start, stop, or restart it with a simple one liner from
the SSH command line.

It also means that if you reboot/restart your server it will automatically start at boot time as part of the boot process.

No confusing commands to try to make sense of.

You will be able to simply enter any of the following from the SSH command line.

Ubuntu 16.04.x and 18.04.x:
systemctl start chatplus.service
systemctl stop chatplus.service
systemctl restart chatplus.service
systemctl status chatplus.service

As stated earlier it will automatically start at boot time. However, you can
use these simple short commands as needed to easily start, stop, restart, or
check the status as needed.

Apache Webserver
Ubuntu Version:
16.04.x or 18.04.x
– 64 bit systems only
– APT/APT-GET (for Ubuntu systems)
– You should have a basic understanding of SSH.
* Not for shared hosting accounts.

Standard binaries such as AWK, GREP, WGET, etc. are required. The ChatPlus Automator will check to see if they are installed. If not you will be prompted to either exit, and you may install them yourself. Or, the ChatPlus Automator can install them for you.

Most likely the are already installed as they are common, default, standard binaries that come pre-installed with most Linux Distros.

Root access to the server (Running ChatPlus Automator as a regular user is not supported).

You will need to create a subdomain ( with your control panel, or manually if you do not use a control panel.


Please make sure your server has enough CPU power, enough Memory/RAM available, space, and ports are not being blocked by a firewall or iptables.

** Additionally you may check out the following YouTube video for a brief demonstration:

This video is for my: RMS Auto Installer.

However, the process of uploading ChatPlus Automator with WinSCP and using Putty/SSH client to run Chatplus Automator is the same.

There is a Simple Mode and Standard Mode option.

– Simple mode will configure Chatplus/Rocket chat on a subdomain (that you create) on port 80, which can be either http (non-ssl) or https (ssl). You must setup and configure an ssl certificate if you intend to use https/ssl.

– Standard mode has more options, but you will need to enable:
proxy, proxy_http, proxy_connect in Apache/httpd configuration.

And, you will need to edit your virtual-hosts container to add:
ProxyPass http://localhost:3000 (or desired port)/
ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:3000(or desired port)/
– Examples are generated as part of the automation/install process for you.

Simple mode does not require these.

* In short Simple Mode is just that … Fast, simple, and no additional complicated or confusing lines of code to add.

Standard Mode requires a little more work, but gives you more control over the port, etc. to use.

If you need Chatplus up and running fast and simple, then choose simple mode during the automation/install process.

Basic Overview:
– Answer a few simple questions.
– Review your choices.
– Wait for ChatPlus Automator to finish
– Read and Review the report, integration, and other (.txt) files it creates.

Chatplus Automator will not touch your Apache, httpd, or virtual hosts configuration files.

It will not touch your Dolphin or UNA website either.

You will need to generate OAuth keys in Dolphin or UNA Administration and paste
them into ChatPlus/Rocket Chat Administration.
–Instruction are generated as part of the automation/install process for you.

And, lastly you will need to configure ChatPlus/Rocket Chat to the desired settings that best suits your needs and website.
–Obviously I can not do this for you.

Note for Ubuntu servers running Plesk Control Panel:

Boonex states that users running Ubuntu with Plesk Control Panel should install nodejs from Nodesource rather than the Ubuntu Repository as it may cause conflicts.

They posted this disclaimer warning statement a long time ago, and have not updated it in as long as I can remember.

Because of this if you are using Ubuntu with Plesk, then Ubuntu 16.04.x versions will have the option of installing nodejs from Nodesource (Recommended), or from the Ubuntu Repository.

Users using Ubuntu 18.04.x with Plesk will only have the option of installing from the Ubuntu Repository, as it is the only version that will work with the Boonex custom ChatPlus/Rocket Chat version at this time.

Until Boonex updates this warning statement and/or their custom ChatPlus/Rocket Chat package, installing on Ubuntu servers that are running Plesk will be at your own risk.

* This is as close to an auto-installer as we can get without touching apache/httpd/virtual-hosts .conf files.

** Be sure to check my other listings for a CentOS, or both Ubuntu and CentOS versions for a price break.